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Woman Striving to Make NYC Hero, Maurice Osborne, Dreams a Reality; & You Can Help

Remember the man in the photo, Maurice Osbourne? He is the virtuous, honorable, gentleman, whom selflessly put his safety and life aside to protect a woman he didn’t know from being raped. Afterwards, when no one would assist him in escorting the sick pervert to the police, he did it by himself. He is studying to be a medical assistant, currently lives in a shelter in Brooklyn, and deserves so much love, respect and kindness given back to him. I say this as a female from NYC and as a survivor. Maurice Osbourne is a hero in my eyes. Below you’ll find his story, or you can find it in a previous post, located here.

Thankfully, another woman as thankful to this sweet, brave man as I am, wanted to do something nice for him. So she has started a GoFundMe page to help him get out of the shelter he is staying in and into his own place as well as pay his school debt and complete the rest of his education to be a Medical Assistant, Thus far $20,000 (give or take) has been raised. Every dollar counts, and if there is anyone more deserving of having something kind and heartfelt done for them, it is without a doubt Maurice Osborne. Click here to visit the GoFundMe page. Note: This woman did Maurice Osbourne NYC SUbway Heronot have any knowledge or contact with Maurice until after hearing about his heroic actions.

“In response to his brave act of heroism and on behalf of all women everywhere this fundraiser is to aid Mr. Osborne in paying for his school tuition and all expenses related. All proceeds raised through this page will go Mr. Osborne. Pay it forward and reward his good deed.
About the campaign:
I am a volunteer on behalf of a group of New York women who read Mr. Osborne’s story and wanted to personally thank him for his courageous actions. We are all locally based and wanted to show our appreciation for keeping our commutes safer. Continue reading Woman Striving to Make NYC Hero, Maurice Osborne, Dreams a Reality; & You Can Help

We Are Putting the Wrong People in Prison…

Just a reminder that the people in prison for “crimes” are far too often the wrong people in prison. When child molesters, rapists, murderers, people who have been proven psychologically to have no conscience and no one to obtain empathy; those are the people who should be in prison. Not someone who is an addict or even drug dealers; they need help, not punishment. Something is wrong with a society that lets pedophiles go free before someone who is addicted to drugs…

And to make things even more interesting, the number of things punishable by prison are rising, everything from cyber offenses such as we have seen with Bradley Manning and Anonymous to abortion and women’s rights. It is no coincidence everything is becoming punishable by prison when the prison industry is making money off of each head in their prison….


Domestic Violence Day 29: Victim Blaming

Rape culture, as well as victim blaming is a huge topic I want to write on and discuss… Sadly, I can’t right now but I was so happy to see this when I logged in. How can anyone buy into the horrible accusation that a victim is to blame for being attacked…in any form!? It’s absurdity!
And just as with abortion, how dare these people judge women (and men) in abusive relationships by saying things like, “it must not be too bad; they stayed.” ….
Obviously they’ve never suffered through this. but you don’t have to go through it in order to realize that is a heartless, mindless statement. just as heartless and mindless as the claim that we can TEACH men not to rape. That is BULL SH*T!
If a man has the ability to rape; he will. If he has a soul, a conscience, when rape is mentioned he automatically will FEEL that is wrong and horrible; not tempting. Men are not an animal to be trained; they have a heart, and can use empathy and basic knowledge of what is cruel and what is not. Rape is cruel. Anyone with any amount of conscience knows it and wouldn’t even think of raping another, never mind do it.
Men very rarely have to be held accountable for their actions it seems…- From pregnancy to parenthood to rape to sleeping with every person they meet they just seem to blend in. Women, on the other hand, are abused, ridiculed, damned and targeted. Using the phrase that we can teach men not to rape is insulting, and it is demeaning because it is not about learning.
It comes down to, from abuse to rape to other, if they have the ability to do something horrible, they don’t have the ability to learn how to stop. Maybe some abusers, I don’t believe so, but out of the list maybe 1 out of 100,000 abusers can learn. Maybe. But rapists? No.
You can NOT have a heart or good conscience let alone empathy and rape someone. Those aren’t things taught but things that come naturally. I don’t wanna hear rape being blamed on childhood, either. If they were, that’s horrific, but does NOT mean it is a valid excuse for harming another.
And more than anyone, us victims know the pain and because of our conscience and heart and empathy; things we were born with, we would never inflict that same pain on another. Of course environment impacts the person we are, some people come out broken but with a good heart. Others come out with no emotion.
All abuse stories are sad but the reality is if they sadly became just another danger to people; adults or children alike…there is nothing that could ever justify and make it okay. There are no ‘classes’ or whatever that they can take to make them realize,
‘Oh hey, maybe I shouldn’t do that to others because it really killed me inside when it happened to me!’
That’s all I’ll say about that…for now lol.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Victim-blaming  attitudes place the blame on the victim of a crime. Examples of victim-blaming in abusive relationships or rapes are: “She must have caused him to be abusive” or “she must have made him mad” or “she should not have worn that dress” or “she asked for it by getting drunk.” Victim-blaming attitudes criticize the victim and make it more difficult for them to come forward and report the crime.

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Abortion is a Not Evil and Anti’s Are Not Pro-Life

I don’t understand why more people are not upset and outraged over how this world is; from police brutality to lack of women’s rights as well the stigma placed upon important things such as abortion, mental illness, etc.  What I am currently furious about is the term “Pro-Life” being used by anti-choicers. Here is why.
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14 Year Old Raped, Committs Suicide, Rapist Gets a Month Sentence

A middle-age school teacher (Stacey Rambold, 54), raped (3 times) a 14 year old student by the name Cherice Morales. Cherice would go on to kill herself before her 17th birthday, while the case against him was still pending (which is blood on HIS hands).

The rapist, Rambold, on the other hand, still lives and will shortly walk free as he has been given the reduced sentence of only 31 days! Perhaps not even that long, as the Judge in this case, whom appears more than sympathic with the rapist, has given him a credit for one day he had already spent in jail.

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Why is America Allowed to Monitor and/or Imprison the Wrong People?

“The United States has about 5 percent of the world’s population, but we have 25 percent of the world’s prisoners – we incarcerate a greater percentage of our population than any country on Earth,” said Michael Jacobson (the director of the non-partisan Vera Institute of Justice, also running the NYC jail and probation systems throughout the ’90s.

Though we all know Facebook, in partnership with the government (and many others), monitor us and have been spying on innocent citizens via Facebook with the excuse that is for “national security” when actually it only really seems to aid in arresting people for things as insane as a teenager making a sarcastic remark to hunting down people who for using drugs.
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Deric Lostutter & Anonymous are Heroes- Help Those Who are Against Rape !

 RAPISTS SHOULD BE IN PRISON -Not Heroes or Non-Violent Offenders. – Especially not Heroes.

Anonymous is more of a hero than the government’s of the world will ever be. I respect them and what they do much more than the government, for the government has failed and continues to fail against crimes against women. There are many reasons I feel there is no hope in humanity, and this is one. Why are people not outraged that the high school football players who raped, photographed, joked…
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Few Answers to Anti Comments on my Abortion Video :-)

Things have been so busy lately it wasn’t until tonight I checked my YouTube account and found some surprise comments on my abortion video (see below)

I received some very kind messages and comments, as well as ones that made me feel as if maybe I can make a difference sharing my story; the number of people doesn’t matter. To the people who are kind and interested, I owe so many thanks to.

Of course, I got plenty of hate comments too from “Anti’s” – I didn’t read them, have no intention to, I deleted them but I did skim over enough to see some of what they asked so I’m going to give yet another brief post about why having an abortion is not evil, for those who have very thick heads. Let’s begin!
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Most Incarcerated, Most Violent, The American Way


And we are still the most violent, why? Because the majority in prisons are in for drug offenses – they do not belong in prison. They need help not punishment, it solves and helps no one. Except those profiting from it. Child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc.. They should be in prison, but represent less than 10% of the american prison population. As KRS1 says, “why is that?”

I rarely watch movies but this is an excellent clip to sum it up,…

I’ll be writing more on this soon…

The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women


So, let’s be honest; this isn’t about health care, this is about closing a great deal of abortion clinics and following the majority of anti’s religious beliefs, not on the healthcare of women nor on the rights of women.

Last night, Texas state Governor Rick Perry (R), a disgrace to any progression in women’s rights I believe, forced through SB5 which if passed by the House will close all but five abortion clinics in Texas. How is the closing of health clinics going to help better the health of women? Since he has proposed dozens (literally) of anti-choice bills and been denied them all, he forced SB5 to go through at a time and in a manner under which new procedural rules apply, leaving democrats; i.e., those blocking, at a major disadvantage.

Senate Bill 5, SB5, contains and combines multiple restrictions regarding abortion that Continue reading The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women