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Most Incarcerated, Most Violent, The American Way


And we are still the most violent, why? Because the majority in prisons are in for drug offenses – they do not belong in prison. They need help not punishment, it solves and helps no one. Except those profiting from it. Child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc.. They should be in prison, but represent less than 10% of the american prison population. As KRS1 says, “why is that?”

I rarely watch movies but this is an excellent clip to sum it up,…

I’ll be writing more on this soon…

Six Cops Fail Cocaine Drug Test in Boston…. But that isn’t the end.

While thousands of young men sit in prison cells over drugs, including cocaine, officers in Boston steal it, use it and then laugh about it…

I feel rage, as usual, regarding the fact that injustice prevails. “Law Enforcement” is a joke. If they are willing to give these cops their jobs back, including back pay, I say they should then release all those in prison over drug charges, or at least cocaine charges. Only fair.

Boston Police Officer Tests Positive for Cocaine, Blames Donuts….  If it weren’t so depressingly tragic, how these cops respond to questions of cocaine would make me laugh. But since it is very real… No smiles coming from me. Just a heavy weight for every soul sitting in a cell right now, for charges these idiots can commit for “fun”,  without fear.
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