During times the people speak up and protest it is clear to see the unfair, unjust actions by cops and legal office to place those protesting in jail where they are held on bail.

During this current period of time in history with COVID it is even more essential that we get our fellow freedom fighters out of these jails where the risk of infection is at an extreme high.

COVID already impacts the Black community more than any other, which is an important fact to remember. Of course, no one who is protesting against racism or for the accountability of violent police, murderers (police) and the like also do not deserve to be subjected either. That the Black community is being hit harder, however, is something to think about as we go forward.

If you want to help out those ‘on the front lines’ so to speak, our street souljahs, you’re best bet is by donating any amount to one of many bail funds created for this purpose. This secure link has a long list of those in need of donation, and you can donate straight from the page if desired.

Every amount helps; please do your part and click here.

And by all means; please SHARE!!

[copied from the above link are the organizations below- please click HERE for more information]

Split a donation to all the bail funds listed on this page, or allocate specific amounts to individual groups. Then be sure to share this page once you’re done.

(If you have questions or would like to get a local bail fund in your area added to this page, please send a Twitter DM to @AidanKingVT by clicking here)

  • Philadelphia Bail Fund – A revolving fund that posts bail for people who are indigent and cannot afford bail and advocates for the end of cash bail in Philadelphia
  • LGBTQ Freedom Fund – The freedom fund posts bail to secure the safety and liberty of people in jail and immigration detention
  • Chicago Community Bond Fund – The CCBF supports individuals whose communities cannot afford to pay bonds themselves and who have been impacted by structural violence
  • Forsyth County Community Bail Fund – Helping people unable to afford bail gain their release from pretrial detention using community donations
  • Luke 4:18 Bail Fund – A project of Faith In Texas that aims to draw attention to the inequities in the money bail system and engages community members – especially those directly impacted – in the processes to address those injustices
  • Connecticut Bail Fund – Their mission is reduce direct harms caused by criminalization, incarceration and deportation while building power among people and families most impacted by these systems
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund – Pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford as they seek to end discriminatory, coercive and oppressive jailing
  • Restoring Justice Bail Fund – A partnership of Pure Justice, Restoring justice and The Bail Project to pay bail for people in need during COVID-19
  • Dauphin County Bail Fund – The DCBF helps to make sure that the right to a fair trial is not dependent on your ability to pay bail
  • Northwest Community Bail Fund – NCBF provides cash bail for those who are unable to pay due to poverty and who are charged with crimes in King and Snohomish Counties and have no other holds
  • Hamilton County Community Bail Fund – Helps pay bail for people who are awaiting trial in Hamilton County, allowing them to continue their lives
  • Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh – A coalition of individuals and organizations striving to provide support for those incarcerated in Allegheny County Jail
  • Community Justice Exchange National Bail Fund Network – The National Bail Fund Network is made up of over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country
  • Massachusetts Bail Fund – The Massachusetts Bail Fund pays up to $2000 in bail so that low-income people can stay free while they work towards resolving their case and is committed to harm reduction of pretrial sentences and to abolishing pretrial detention and supervision in the long-term.
  • Hawai’i Community Bail Fund – A member of the National Bail Fund to keep people out of jail, protecting the presumption of innocence and proving that cash bail is unnecessary
  • Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund – Established to address the disproportionate impact of the cash bail system on communities of color and vulnerable populations in Pima County,
  • Memphis Community Bail Fund – A revolving fund that helps people avoid the potentially devastating consequences of of extended pretrial detention
  • Mississippi Bail Fund Collective – A coalition of social workers, attorneys and activists from across Mississippi working to address the injustices of cash bail
  • Philadelphia Community Bail Fund – Their mission is to end cash bail in Philadelphia. Until that day comes, they post bail for residents of Philadelphia who cannot afford to pay for their freedom
  • National Bail Out #FreeBlackMamas – Reuniting families and resisting mass incarceration by fighting to end money bail and pre-trial detention
  • Louisville Community Bail Fund – Exists not only to bail out folks, but to provide post-release support to get them from jail, fed and to a situation of safety. LCBF also maintains a focus on preventative measures for those targeted by law enforcement and threatened with incarceration.
  • Richmond Community Bail Fund – Restores the presumption of innocence to defendants so they don’t lose their jobs, families and critical services while also reducing the financial burden on the Richmond community of detaining citizens prior to their day in court
  • Nashville Community Bail Fund – Frees low-income persons from jail, connects with their loved ones and works to end wealth-based detention through community partnerships
  • Las Vegas Freedom Fund – Their goal is to raise money to post bail for people who are being forced to stay in jail based on socioeconomic status and to fight mass incarceration
  • Fronterizo Fianza Fund – This is a community bond based in El Paso that works to get migrants out of detention and is also posting bail for protesters.
  • Free the 350 Bail Fund – Pays bail for people incarcerated in the Dane County, WI, jail system and seeks to end the unjust prison and jail system.
  • NC Community Bail Fund of Durham – Fights to end cash bail and provides assistance to those who cannot afford it.
  • Colorado Freedom Fund – A revolving fund that pays ransom (posts money bond, pays cash bail) for people unable to afford the cost of buying their own freedom.
  • Kansas City Community Bail Fund – Our mission is to give those who cannot afford bail a fighting chance at getting a positive outcome in their case rather than be persuaded to plead out through the use of a revolving fund.
  • New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund – Making New Orleans a safer, more equitable place to live, by redesigning the role money plays in the criminal justice system.
  • Portland Freedom Fund – A pretrial bail fund dedicated to posting bail for people in the Portland area and ending money bail in Oregon.
  • Montgomery Bail Out Fund – We provide support and post bail for people in the Montgomery, AL County Jail.
  • Columbus Freedom Fund – Posts pretrial and working to end money bail in Columbus, OH.
  • Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund – A project to bail out those most in need and those who put themselves at risk fighting for our collective freedom
  • Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) – Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) has been operating a “bail fund” for about five years. In times of crisis, we receive donations and post as many bails as possible
  • NorCal Resist Activist Bail & ICE Bond Fund – As protests continue around Sacramento, we are prepared to provide bail assistance to activists arrested in the course of protest. Donations will be used for these current protests, or if not needed now, set aside in our fund for the future
  • DeDe McClure Community Bail Fund

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