14 Year Old Raped, Committs Suicide, Rapist Gets a Month Sentence

A middle-age school teacher (Stacey Rambold, 54), raped (3 times) a 14 year old student by the name Cherice Morales. Cherice would go on to kill herself before her 17th birthday, while the case against him was still pending (which is blood on HIS hands).

The rapist, Rambold, on the other hand, still lives and will shortly walk free as he has been given the reduced sentence of only 31 days! Perhaps not even that long, as the Judge in this case, whom appears more than sympathic with the rapist, has given him a credit for one day he had already spent in jail.

How… Why? Apparently he was offered a course to “help” him (????) and here we are.  THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO TEACH A PERSON SICK ENOUGH TO RAPE ANOTHER, ESPECIALLY A CHILD, THAT IT IS WRONG! Talk about threats to society! He is a prime example of one.  

If we are tearing down all the schools and building new prisons, it should be for vile people like him, not for someone who is addicted to crack or who released a video showing innocent civilians being murdered!

He should not only be facing criminal charges for the RAPE but her suicide is a direct result of HIS actions. She was a child; he is a sick pervert who is a threat to society, unlike the majority of  inmates they give insane sentences to.

The judge in this case, obviously someone unfit for the position, tries to justify why he has given this sick, child rapist such a low sentencing.

Judge G. Todd Baugh, a “man” that doesn’t represent any just law that I know of based on his logic for giving this sicko only 31 days, claims he felt the prosecution asked for Rambold to serve too much prison time. He went on to claim he had listened to recordings of the young girl before her death and this is what lead him to believe her rapist should only serve a month or so. Based on what he allegedly heard  he ruled the victim was, and I quote,

“older than her chronological age” and “as much in control of the situation” as the her rapist.

…There are no words to describe how lividly angry and outraged I am; as a woman, as a person with a soul and as a survivor. This country seems to think women are nothing but objects for sick men to use at their will. The so called “Judge Todd” is admitting that Rambold raped a young Cherice, but he is only giving him the time he is giving him because she was IN CONTROL!?  Being raped, you are pretty much OUT OF CONTROL!  

Older than her “chronological age”, he claims…. Whether she was or was not is totally irrelevant! Let’s say she was, that doesn’t mean she wanted this to happen, encouraged it, “liked it” or was in the position to stop it!  What a sick, typical victim blaming thing to say! A person could not get much more disrespectful and disgraceful than even hinting towards such a lie.

Even if we only look at the sicko, Rambold, he was attracted to and took advantage of his position as a teacher (someone kids should be able to trust) and raped a young teenage girl. What is going to stop him from raping someone else? Nothing.

I complain about our unjust prison system and our unjust legal system for a reason. When a 54 year old can confess to raping a teen who then kills herself and only get a “course” with around 30/31 days in prison, while people who are trying to do good for society via the internet and computers are being sentenced for years…While people with drug problems are being damned to years in prison instead of being helped to become more productive members of society….

While we live in a world like this, there will never be any justice.

(EDIT: I will not approve comment(s) on a post regarding the rape of a kid. And she was a kid, no matter how intelligent was does not make rape okay. The amazing thing about the internet is you meet some amazing people who understand and have empathy for humanity. The bad thing is you also come across  people whose opinion is insulting to intelligence, morale and all survivors of injustice. I do not approve comments to which there is no argument made of intelligence… or even basic empathy. )

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