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I’m Back- A LiL Personal Update

I’ve been away due to a family emergency, but have been working with a close friend on ideas regarding what we can get started to help better the Black community and end this sick white supremacy; so I’ve not been idle, just invisible. Soon I’ll present plans, in time, but for now… I’m catching up today/tonight and am back, as far as I know. Video explain a bit more… 🙂

Thank you to all who have stayed true ❤

My Encounter With Puppy Mills

Most people have heard talk of ‘puppy mills‘ but do you know what one is? I didn’t; I’m ashamed to say, not until 2009. So first, a quick brief on what puppy mills are…

The driving force behind puppy mills is greed, it’s all about money. The breeders do not care at all for the dogs well being. They house and breed dogs without food, water, minimal veterinary care (when they bother at all) and no socialization for the dogs.

They are kept in wire cages, overcrowded, and often stacked one on top of the other. The wires in these cages inflict pain and injury to their paws and legs; no comfort is given. Continue reading My Encounter With Puppy Mills

There’s only so Many Times One Can Nicely Ask… Video

I’m posting two short videos which I hope any and all who care about what’s going on- as well as those of you who don’t, will at least give the one minute video a chance. Think about what Tupac says in the 1 minute video. This is real knowledge; after all that has gone down how in this world do and if you do, HOW can you expect people to respond to poverty and the very people or government who did -and have- been doing the same thing for hundreds of years?

On a side note click here to read a brief entry about where I am and why my responses are so slow lately, especially today.

I feel the same; how he beautifully worded it; that’s of survival of the fittest from the kindest side. I fully, 100% support self defense against cops. I think that’s common sense. If I know I’m innocent but I also know you plan to kill me, why should I stand there and allow it if it can be stopped? That’s just basic common sense; I’ll speak more on why self defense and many other things don’t work in America in the report I spoke of in an upcoming video or blog.

Additionally, if you are a person and somehow you can’t comprehend what Black Lives Matters is about, who don’t understand why people are rioting, why people are finally getting fed up and acting out… I hope you will please take a minute or so, listen to these words of wisdom; these words of truth…
To all of those who are racist, or, who have hate-filled hearts due to misunderstanding, listen and pretend it’s you talking; a hell that can be resolved easily, both your world, and the people you love as well. But it isn’t getting fixed because all of the American government’s money is sent to other countries; to anything that doesn’t support the prosperity in the Black community, it seems.

Personal Post- Losing a Loved One to Cancer; Unprepared.

Recently I lost one of my dearest friends and one of two people I call family; my Aunt Bobbie. I lost her to cancer. When it happened, I posted this on my personal site, but I feel the need to share it here. The reason? I feel cheated. The doctors had told her a miracle had occurred; there as no sign of cancer anywhere in her body, despite the fact that months prior, her body had been covered with so many tumors the doctors stopped counting. When she went back the last time because she was feeling ill, the doctors once more assured her she had no signs of cancer…
Continue reading Personal Post- Losing a Loved One to Cancer; Unprepared.

Rant About Women Being Portrayed As Sex Objects in the Media

Just a quick rant… I actually love video games- but I am getting sick and tired of how they portray women. There is a new game out which I was enjoying, it is called Wolf Among Us. Though this is no where near the only game that shows women as mindless, helpless sex objects, it disappointed me so badly to have these needless scenes appear.

I’m increasingly angry, disappointed and hurt that this is how women are portrayed and no one cares. In it comes a scene, which to me was far too lengthy, of a strip club where a woman is completely nude, skinny, big breasted…aka, fake but perfection. I’ve struggled with my body for along time and I do struggle with an eating disorder.

Of course an animated woman is bound to be fake, but still, it would help self esteem and remind women of our true worth- to remember we are not meat for men any more than we are their servants.

Going a bit personal, I struggle with anorexia and other off and on- and despite having done work as a photo-editor for these so called ‘perfect’ women, editing them into what society has deemed ‘perfection’ It hurts and enrages me because it seems all that women are good for in the eyes of these game makers. Additionally, it attempts to suggest that women are nothing but meat to be abused.

How often do you see men bouncing around nude in a video game, TV show or movie? It’s rare- yet women do it all the time and it sickens me. Not just the men but also the women who give in and agree to do it. Yes, I understand some women feel they have no choice and perhaps they don’t- I am not here to judge real life situations, I am speaking of how we are being portrayed, as if all of us are only able to obtain a life being a mans sex and domestic servant.

When it comes to media and entertainment, I fail greatly to see why a woman would agree to portray the servant to the male; showing each and every bit of herself…

Where is their self respect? Do they not realize their actions and false appearance DOES impact women in very unhealthy ways; not to mention the way in which it degrades us. It impacts the way too many men tend to think of us, it lets them think it is normal for women to be treated without respect or regard, it says it is okay for them to treat us as if we are below them.

And we are anything other than beneath them. We must remember this- we need to keep our self respect, our dignity and demand better treatment and keeping doing so until it is obtained.

Change is Coming! New Website, New Writers, New Topics! Excitment.

Sorry, I love this song and I love Sam Cooke so… Play it!

Many apologies… I have been posting so much on my new webpage that this page kind of has become neglected. My plan over the next week is to move most of my abortion stuff as well as most of my domestic violence stuff over to the above website. I will be keeping resources for each here as well as there… simply because…I can.

But, for news, updates, etc regarding women’s health please follow that page.

This page will go back to being a more sociopolitical blog and rants about the horrific nature of society.

Also I am excited to say my brother-in-law & friend will be writing as well!!! I’m not exactly sure how to set this up but he can write the most brilliant and intelligent pieces ever, and he is British lol so he will be able to cover news and things going on that I am not able to due to my American lack of understanding 😛

Not to mention one of my favorite benefits; he enjoys debating, something most of you know I don’t do on my pages lol. I’m so happy he’ll be joining me. And on my pro-abortion/women’s page, I believe my dear friend Amy will be writing from time to time regarding women’s health issues also. If this all comes together as it seems it is, I’m going to be on top of the world!

I’ll have this all organized into categories and of course I will still be writing and making videos… This is just my site growing, and I’m feeling rather blessed now 🙂

I’m so excited about this, so please continue to bare with me as I work on exchanging pages, working, studying, etc. Thanks!!! Oh, and please make sure you forward the pro-abortion website to anyone who may be interested… If you don’t really understand what it means to be pro-abortion, you can find the definition clearly stated HERE.

Bottom line, a change is a coming soon 😀 and I’m excited, so stay tuned!

For All Women Who Have Had, Want or Are Going Through Abortion

A quick question for women who’ve just had an abortion, considering having one, or are going through one… To sum it up, I just found a lot of writings I had from during that time, both before, during and after… They are very personal but I thought maybe that is what would hopefully make them worthy of considering… So to speak…. Please inbox me or email me your response if it is something that would help you. 🙂 If I get enough responses that these writings would help, I’ll happily share; despite the uncalled for, irrational hate anti’s will throw at me. I’m numb to them now, they are too brain dead for me to deal with so I don’t mind- I just thought I’d point out how kind these so called “pro-life” and “Anti Abortion, Christian” folk are. One more reason their opinion doesn’t matter. That, and the fact they don’t base their thinking on reality and facts but instead on fantasies and personal views. Ahem- sorry. Video below 🙂

Also! anyone who follows this page for the abortion/women side, I’ll be posting up my new website which will be strictly for women regarding abortion, domestic violence/abuse, rape (men as well- anyone who is a victim to either), women’s health, etc. I’ll have it up shortly, just a few more things I wanna finish up with it before I put it up on here.

And as I said, this site will remain; but mainly for issues such as police brutality, government abuse, racism, and other socio-political related topics.

Changes Coming… Stay Tuned :-)

I never thought I would ever feel as passionately about anything as I always have about fighting against police brutality and insane drug laws. But I do; I am equally as passionate about women’s rights, especially abortion. SO I am going to split my page up! One page will be dedicated solely to women and abortion rights, domestic violence, etc… The next will be more socio-political topics, police brutality, etc…. I apologize to everyone I have not emailed back…. it hurts me so much that I haven’t been able to be there like I want, but please remember you aren’t bad, please check out the abortion resources on the right of this page and go to the pass board … There is always some one there to listen without religious or political poison- these ladies are the best group of women out there, and will not judge you. Great place… I wish I could be there as I want to, but as of now it seems this is a bit impossible… I apologize… Just remember abortion is not bad; it does not make you evil or anything else negative these anti’s want to lie and label women to be.

Abortion is okay, no matter your reason. Please remember that….

There has been much to deal with in “real life” and I haven’t had time to work on research, writing, or anything of the like. However things seem to be calming back down now, and I plan on having the sites set up and organized better, I am hoping with a good friend of mine writing some women’s health pieces, within the next few days.

Thank you to all readers who have stayed during my silent period- my “talk too much” period is coming back lol 🙂 this website will remain up I just am not sure exactly what it will deal with, until I have figured it out please do check back here for details and updates… Also, following me on twitter is a good way to not only get information and news, but also a good way to see what’s happening.

abortion, police brutality and other posts update

It is taking a bit longer than expected to settle back in and get back to my regular posting; both on here and on youtube. Please bare with me, and I apologize to everyone whom has emailed me and I haven’t responded to- please, please know it is nothing personal I just have not had the opportunity to do as I would like, nor in the time I initially thought. I will respond to EVERYONE as soon as I am settled back in.

I will be back actively within the next week. Thank you to all who have stayed with me during this time. Be back shortly!

Women, stay strong! And if you have had or want an abortion… remember, you are not evil; there is nothing wrong with you. Do what is best for you; listen only to YOUR heart. ❤

Pro Abortion IS Pro Life…

Not only is abortion NOT murder; I can still go on to explain why the above is true. So, check back soon if you don’t understand. 

Abortion is a Not Evil and Anti’s Are Not Pro-Life

I don’t understand why more people are not upset and outraged over how this world is; from police brutality to lack of women’s rights as well the stigma placed upon important things such as abortion, mental illness, etc.  What I am currently furious about is the term “Pro-Life” being used by anti-choicers. Here is why.
Continue reading Abortion is a Not Evil and Anti’s Are Not Pro-Life