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63 Days Left and We’re Still Standing with Texas Women.

If you are in Texas- (areas) Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin tonight or tomorrow, please make sure to check out this post and take a stand with the women of Texas!

ImageOur Founder and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller, had the privilege of participating in a panel last night with Heather Busby of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, Christian Cabazos of YWCA Greater Austin, Amelia Long of The Lilith Fund, and Paula X. Rojas of Vibrant Woman/Mama Sana. The panel served as a great discussion of what’s coming with House Bill 2, when the lawsuit will be announced, and what it means when physicians are required to have hospital admitting privileges. Though there wasn’t time to answer everyone’s questions, the overall atmosphere was upbeat, productive, and it seemed that the discussion helped many people find peace of mind. 

These Stand with Texas Women events will continue throughout the week with an even tonight in Fort Worth and an event in Dallas on Thursday. If you’re in Austin tomorrow or on Thursday, you can also participate in a

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The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women


So, let’s be honest; this isn’t about health care, this is about closing a great deal of abortion clinics and following the majority of anti’s religious beliefs, not on the healthcare of women nor on the rights of women.

Last night, Texas state Governor Rick Perry (R), a disgrace to any progression in women’s rights I believe, forced through SB5 which if passed by the House will close all but five abortion clinics in Texas. How is the closing of health clinics going to help better the health of women? Since he has proposed dozens (literally) of anti-choice bills and been denied them all, he forced SB5 to go through at a time and in a manner under which new procedural rules apply, leaving democrats; i.e., those blocking, at a major disadvantage.

Senate Bill 5, SB5, contains and combines multiple restrictions regarding abortion that Continue reading The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women

Call to Action! Stand Against HB 2945 20 Week Abortion Ban in #TX

TODAY! RALLY AT 5:30 to let the House State Affairs Cmte know #Texas won’t stand for more #abortion restrictions!

This is a very personal one for me as my upcoming abortion video (telling some of my abortion story & why I am pro-choice) will show. I support abortion after 20 weeks, and while staying in Texas a late-term abortion saved my, and countless other women’s lives.