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Women in America, We Cannot Forget Irish Women in Need of Abortion… Solidarity

Worldwide, women are being tortured because of denial of medical services; medical services that have been in practice for thousands of years (more on that in a soon to come post). Continue reading Women in America, We Cannot Forget Irish Women in Need of Abortion… Solidarity

Heartbroken For Women Needing Medical Abortions Being Faced With a World of Lies

good.women.have.abortionsI feel so sad for all the women in need of abortion… I have been one of them (and who is to say how many times? why should it matter?)- Thankfully I had mine a few months before Texas went even more crazy. On my YouTube channel I have the most insane comments that just make me shake my head and leave me at a loss as to what to say in response. Speaking to anti’s is like speaking to a cracked wall. But more on that later.
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Abortion Won’t Go Away – Legal or Not… So…

It is very depressing for me to hear that the sickening Governor Rick Perry, TX, (R) has signed such an anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-medical and anti-health care bill. I have no doubt women will fight, I have no doubt the women of Texas will; but I also believe we as a people need to inform ourselves.
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Story All Should Read- 1 Woman’s Story of Being Arrested For Standing Up For Beliefs & Justice

Reporting an article I feel everyone should read and ask the,selves why others think they have the right to control a woman’s body and medical choices.

Post begins:
You’ve seen the news: When they thought no one was looking last week, state senators in North Carolina tucked several dangerous attacks on women’s health into an unrelated bill. Legislation originally meant to — yes, you’re reading this right — ban “Sharia Law” in North Carolina will now also severely restrict a woman’s ability to make deeply personal, private decisions about her pregnancy by restricting access to safe and legal abortion.

North Carolina has a proud history as a pro-choice beacon in the South. In the 1930s, we were among the first states in the country to have a state-funded family planning program. We liberalized our abortion laws before Roe v. Wade. In 1976, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, cutting off Medicaid funding for abortion services for women with low incomes. North Carolina responded by setting up a state abortion fund, which at one point amounted to $1.5 million a year. When I started working for Planned Parenthood in 1982, North Carolina had a model, age-appropriate K-12 sex education curriculum.

Everything has changed.
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Few Answers to Anti Comments on my Abortion Video :-)

Things have been so busy lately it wasn’t until tonight I checked my YouTube account and found some surprise comments on my abortion video (see below)

I received some very kind messages and comments, as well as ones that made me feel as if maybe I can make a difference sharing my story; the number of people doesn’t matter. To the people who are kind and interested, I owe so many thanks to.

Of course, I got plenty of hate comments too from “Anti’s” – I didn’t read them, have no intention to, I deleted them but I did skim over enough to see some of what they asked so I’m going to give yet another brief post about why having an abortion is not evil, for those who have very thick heads. Let’s begin!
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My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

I can’t believe the depths some people are willing to lower themselves in order to make others (in this case, women and also R__ survivors) feel like they are beneath them or lower than them. Tonight as I watch the tweets roll in regarding #SB5 and #HB60 for the rights of women in Texas to have choices I’ve seen some amazing, truly mind blowing things. Taking health care clinics down around the state of Texas, the second largest state in the U.S. is going to make things “safer for women”…no, not in any way, shape or form.

As I’ve noted before I do not regret my late-term abortion one bit. It was a hard choice for me simply because I would have liked to had a family but deep inside I know and knew then it was wrong; not just for me, but for the fetus as well. It would have been a crime to bring anyone into this world, and I couldn’t handle the pregnancy, anyhow. But that’s my business to be discussed another time, perhaps.

I know if I am to be a good journalist and writer I should refrain from calling names but I assure you, in this case “idiot” is the best and nicest name I can conjure up. This evening this idiotic anti posts tweets stating something of the like: (paraphrasing but this is pretty accurate:) Continue reading My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

Don’t Be Ashamed of Abortion – Let’s Not Go Back in Time America…

Another pro-choice, aka, pro-life post from yours truly. Today I said one of many reasons I support abortion. Of course, anti-choice/anti-life attackers came to debate. I don’t debate online, especially on twitter, because it’s pointless. Same argument that has no legitimacy and what they were saying was not even relevant to what I said. Because of a serious family issue I was in no mood to argue. But now, I think I will sit here and write a nice rant for all to read.

Abortion saves women from suicide.

photoThought I’d try writing it out for you guys 🙂

I did not say the majority of pregnant women attempt suicide, I said, it saves women from it. Continue reading Don’t Be Ashamed of Abortion – Let’s Not Go Back in Time America…

Don’t Let Anyone-including me- Influence YOUR CHOICE -Abortion Post & Video

Inspired by yet another fun tweet today 🙂 These anti-choice and anti-life people make me laugh. Normally, I have no time for them, but every once in awhile I find someone’s effort funny and…well, I usually end up with a video after lol.

I show a bit of my ADHD in this video but ride out the storm with me as I do have points. As noted among other things, I will be adding more resources to my abortion page for women who have or are having or wanting an abortion… AND I will be putting in a religious section **gasp**!

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Very Good Resource For All Pro-Choice & Those Interested in the Current War on Women’s Rights

As I am sure many of you already know, the New York Times have released some very informative and educational infographics as well as information regarding new abortion laws and which states we need to be concerned about and why. I won’t copy and paste all the information and interactive resources they have, but I do want to put up links so YOU can.

Stay informed, do whatever you can do, from donate to repost this… knowledge is power.



A Few Pro-Choice Graphics I Enjoy

Random Post of Images I Like. *None of the Following Are My Copyright. Just Random Things I Agree With, Found Overtime, Online. *


I cannot currently sit & write out what I am working on –will have that post uploaded ASAP!  (today or tonight)- I figured I would share some graphics which share how I feel- I do not claim right to any of these images, just ones I have collected online over time 🙂

Soon I will have my own photo on here, as well, to show my support of abortion. Until then, I’d like to just say- I do NOT regret the CHOICE I made when I had my abortion because it was right for me.

Don’t listen to the anti-choice. I am, as are many other women, better off mentally & physically (I.e., I didn’t kill myself because I had access to abortion health care… Access they want to take away). It’s not murder. You’re not “evil” – the hardest choice to make is this choice, but this does not make it the wrong choice.

It takes strength to do the RIGHT thing in a world like we live in. Honestly, no one should explain why they had an abortion. It’s their choice, their privacy and should remain their most very basic right as a woman!

Regardless of why- it’s frankly no one else’s business! And I love the below quote. It pretty much sums it all up, I believe. Or, it should. 


Posts shall be back up shortly!




I am against adoption for my own personal reasons… And socially, I think it’s wrong also. But I think the choice should be there… Just not forced…. Same as abortion. Don’t agree? Fine, don’t have one. But those of us who do support it should have the right to choose, too!




Pro-Choice is Pro-Life. Anti- Choice is Pro-DEATH.

Pretty simple. Each individual person making their own choice regarding their own body. Makes. Sense. To me. It seems to be not only an attack on women’s rights by men who will never be pregnant as well as a handful of crazy “women”.

It also seems very obvious to be the annoying, religious zealots whom are attempting to force their “belief system” into every woman and family in America. Why it is even a debate or argument baffles me…we can disagree, but to enact laws that put women’s lives in imminent danger?? That seems a bit pro-death to me.

Pro-life is being pro-choice….plain and simple. Let it save those who chose, and those who don’t want anything to do with it for whatever reason, let them ignore it. But from my point of view, it is not something that should be a legal discussion- much less made into a law which will result in deaths, just as before Roe v Wade.