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FBI Admits Secret Spying on Protestors During Anti-Police KILLING Protests

Though this shouldn’t shock anyone in our racist system, at the request of local police, the current FBI director, James Comey, has admitted to using aircraft in Ferguson, Missouri, to “keep track of unrest on the ground” this was a year ago, August 2014, as people protested the murder of yet another young, Black, unarmed teenager (18 years- just starting his life), the government was spying on the crowd, and what’s more, claiming there were “terrorists, criminals & suspects of espionage.

That’s about all that was said; Comey didn’t say much more or share insight to the House Judiciary Committee, nor did he answer how long the ‘surveillance’ went on for, meaning – in my opinion -(and that it wouldn’t surprise me) to find out it still is going on.

To read more please click HERE and please  remember to question everything; the cops want the world to think they are the righteous protector of the people, which is absolutely not true.

Deric Lostutter & Anonymous are Heroes- Help Those Who are Against Rape !

 RAPISTS SHOULD BE IN PRISON -Not Heroes or Non-Violent Offenders. РEspecially not Heroes.

Anonymous is more of a hero than the government’s of the world will ever be. I respect them and what they do much more than the government, for the government has failed and continues to fail against crimes against women. There are many reasons I feel there is no hope in humanity, and this is one. Why are people not outraged that the high school football players who raped, photographed, joked…
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Prison & War on Drugs is A Crime Against The People. It’s Also, “The American Way”


A sad, growing truth… And it is not because “Black people are more prone to crime” as so many racist, moronic people seem to think. It is largely due to targeting (proof in Hoover’s FBI) as well as the “war on drugs” (war on the people) and finally, both federal and state insane laws… These are the reason that over 50% of the American prison population is of people who have drug offenses. The crack cocaine vs powder cocaine legal status and sentencing alone give evidence to this (write up on that in one of my *soon to be* posts, if interested…). Personally, though, I do not believe drug offenses should be treated as a crime. I’ll explain why. First of all, drugs are not the biggest threat to society. Less than 5% of our prison population is made of murderers or rapists and when caught, pedophiles get a slap on the wrist and then get to walk around freely. If there is anyone who can’t see that something is wrong with the way the American system works, I suggest they look harder. Anyhow, back on topic…

Secondly, drug offenses, are offenses that we should give help towards, not punishment. Not only does modern society reflect this, but prison and punishment, along with these horrible federal and state laws (explored in upcoming articles) none of these things gets us anywhere. I mean this for both the neighbor dealers as well as drug users, by the way. We need to be helping them both; not punishing. There are reasons, but mainly in the dealers that would make a difference being locked up, NEVER are. (See below). It is only the neighborhood or local dealer they get. Why is that?

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