The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women


So, let’s be honest; this isn’t about health care, this is about closing a great deal of abortion clinics and following the majority of anti’s religious beliefs, not on the healthcare of women nor on the rights of women.

Last night, Texas state Governor Rick Perry (R), a disgrace to any progression in women’s rights I believe, forced through SB5 which if passed by the House will close all but five abortion clinics in Texas. How is the closing of health clinics going to help better the health of women? Since he has proposed dozens (literally) of anti-choice bills and been denied them all, he forced SB5 to go through at a time and in a manner under which new procedural rules apply, leaving democrats; i.e., those blocking, at a major disadvantage.

Senate Bill 5, SB5, contains and combines multiple restrictions regarding abortion that had previously been denied to advance in Texas. These include things like cutting funding for Planned Parenthood (which does a lot more than abortions) and other family planning organizations. (For more on that, click here, will open in separate tab/window.)

If SB5 goes through, it will leave the women of Texas with but five abortion clinics  in the entire state- the second largest state in America- leaving a vast majority of women without access to and from, and even if they do get access to a clinic hundreds of miles away, what about the price for all of this; especially when combined with medical prices?

Currently, a bill to ban abortion past week 20 is in the House waiting for debate, HB60. This bill would require doctors to have select and certain privileges at local hospitals, privileges which I have heard and read doctors as well as others in the medical field state to be less than easy to obtain. Abortions that are allowed would be limited to surgical centers only. While other states have passed like bills few have passed it in full as is proposed here. And in some states Federal judges have thankfully thrown the restrictions out completely.

Right now women and pro-choice advocates in Kansas have filed a lawsuit over the new law which bans abortion on the basis that they are “ending the life” of a “whole, separate, unique, living human being.” Which is not only a lie but a disgusting lie right out of a religious book, it would seem.

Alarmingly, in Ohio the last sole standing abortion clinic faces fate of closure. Women all over America are being punished and some sentenced to death. As I’ve said numerous times, I was sentenced to death had it not been for a late term abortion. I worry and cringe to think about what women who are in the position I was in feel like and will do if they are not provided the help I was lucky enough to receive.

Abortion won’t end because of laws and legal restraints on health care, history and my own personal experience are proof of that. Countless women have lost their lives to back-alley abortions, in Ireland where abortion is in an on going fight to rid ban, many women were taking their own lives until England legalized abortion and opened way for Irish women to travel there for the medical procedure.

Myself, I say again, though it may not matter to anyone, I would have died in my 23rd or 24th week of pregnancy had it not been for a late term abortion. It is not a choice or procedure that is enjoyable, but it was a hard, but right choice in so many aspects. Every woman deserves the same chance to live and save their life; to choose what to do for themselves.

Taking a step back in American history is only going to cause tragedy and life saving is the last thing it will do. But then again, it isn’t about saving lives to them. It is about saving a fetus to them; which is NOT a separate life or child, it is the start of what would grow into one, yes. But it is not in itself a living, breathing human being, instead the woman is, and she is the one who should be making the choice, not the government or a bunch of religious anti’s.

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