Why is America Allowed to Monitor and/or Imprison the Wrong People?

“The United States has about 5 percent of the world’s population, but we have 25 percent of the world’s prisoners – we incarcerate a greater percentage of our population than any country on Earth,” said Michael Jacobson (the director of the non-partisan Vera Institute of Justice, also running the NYC jail and probation systems throughout the ’90s.

Though we all know Facebook, in partnership with the government (and many others), monitor us and have been spying on innocent citizens via Facebook with the excuse that is for “national security” when actually it only really seems to aid in arresting people for things as insane as a teenager making a sarcastic remark to hunting down people who for using drugs.

Remember, each person imprisoned is a person making the government money which varies state to state but remains consistently in the thousands.

But those that make up the American prison systems are not mainly rapists, child molesters, murderers or any thing of that sort. The majority of the prison population (aprox. 50%) is made of drug addicts or drug dealers. Oh, and by dealers I mean local dealers, not the big dealers sipping drinks in the Bahamas or inside some government or corporate building. The vast majority is made of low key dealers who I believe need rehabilitation not imprisonment.

Petty theft also represent a large percentage of the American prison industry. In England petty theft is the top offense; close in numbers/percentage to the number of those locked up in American prison for drugs. The reason people commit petty theft can easily go back to society based problems which we could focus on fixing, but the government doesn’t. Why would they? Too much of a money loss for them. Petty theft, obviously, can go back to drugs, poverty, lack of job opportunities, and/or the inability to get a job due to a prior “offenses”.

I do not support our prison system in America because the wrong people are being put in prisons and jails. Political prisoners are still unjustly sitting in prisons for simply demanding to be treated equally. (Such as, the KKK walk around free to this day, active; while the original Black Panther Party was broken by the government for wanting things such as equal education. Another person I have to mention is Dr. Mutulu Shakur who is a mentor and a dear friend. Not a threat to society.

I suppose it is not shocking but it is enraging to see now modern day freedom fighters being taken away. Not only is our global privacy massively being invaded, but of course due to this it seems the government have a new generation of political prisoners. This means the government is attacking those who do good via computers and/or the internet; groups such as Anonymous or any Hacktivist who fights for good using the internet are heroes to me. Such as Deric Lostutter, Barrett Brown, and of course Aaron Swartz, whom due to insane cyber laws, was taken from this world far too soon. Sadly, this is just touching the surface.

While the real threats to me, you and society are walking the streets with slaps on the wrist. This includes murderers, rapists, domestic abusers who are beyond help, etc … they walk the streets.

I’ll end this with this…interesting infograph on “security” and privacy and what it is happening with your account and information. They document you, “just in case” they need this invasion of our rights and privacy in the future…for what reason is that again???

With all these huge flags and laws of injustice still, here in America (as well as England and other countries around the world), so many people continue to go about their life, never stopping to ask why or think about how society really is.

Every person CAN make a difference and impact the world, but in order to make a true point we need more people turning the television OFF and gaining awareness on what is happening around us.


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