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We Are Putting the Wrong People in Prison…

Just a reminder that the people in prison for “crimes” are far too often the wrong people in prison. When child molesters, rapists, murderers, people who have been proven psychologically to have no conscience and no one to obtain empathy; those are the people who should be in prison. Not someone who is an addict or even drug dealers; they need help, not punishment. Something is wrong with a society that lets pedophiles go free before someone who is addicted to drugs…

And to make things even more interesting, the number of things punishable by prison are rising, everything from cyber offenses such as we have seen with Bradley Manning and Anonymous to abortion and women’s rights. It is no coincidence everything is becoming punishable by prison when the prison industry is making money off of each head in their prison….


Rape Culture & Those Who Are, and Are Not, Spending Time in Prison

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So while drug offenders and people in for minor offenses or parole violations are stuck in prison for an insane amount of mandatory years, rapists, among others who are “real” threats to society, walk around freely.  Starting to see the problem yet?!