Abortion is a Not Evil and Anti’s Are Not Pro-Life

I don’t understand why more people are not upset and outraged over how this world is; from police brutality to lack of women’s rights as well the stigma placed upon important things such as abortion, mental illness, etc.  What I am currently furious about is the term “Pro-Life” being used by anti-choicers. Here is why.

Abortion is not murder; science, medical research, logic tells one this. Regardless, anti’s tend to be religious and that’s fine; until they start saying the world we live in is one which every woman is meant to carry child; every woman is to serve her husband and kids,…despite what she wants out of life; despite what she can handle. But more on that absurdity in a moment.

These religious, especially Christian, extremists want to tell me and all women we don’t have the right to make our own medical choices; that we don’t have the right to decide when -if ever- we have children.

They want us to live under their religious laws, whether we agree or not. They try to tell us we are “sluts” because we have sex, even in committed relationships (though sex isn’t an “evil” thing regardless, not the point). Then they try to tell us we are “evil” because we are strong enough to make the choice to do what is right for us and the fetus. (It is right for the fetus if this is what the mother wants. I could write an essay on that…maybe some other time.)

Now comes the fury with them using the term PRO-LIFE… Though we could look at information from anywhere, I want to use Latin America because of an article I recently read about an 11 year old girl in Chile who was raped…for 2 months by her mothers boyfriend. And because abortion is completely banned, this baby girl had to give birth to another baby.

So, using the sickening laws of Latin America based on WHO (World Health Organization) let’s look at Latin American laws because not only does it prove denying legal and safe abortion to women doesn’t stop abortion but instead puts women in danger of losing their lives.

  • There are over 4 million abortions carried out each year, despite it being illegal like anti-choice, “pro-lifers” want it to be in America. Out of these 4 million plus, a 13 year study found 95% of them were unsafe, which isn’t shocking but is a fact that is not true solely to Latin America, but to any state or country where women’s rights are taken away and devalued. Knowing how many women do die all over the world because of lack of safe abortion care, knowing how many more will die... it enrages me that they have the audacity to call themselves pro-LIFE?!

Pro-life means caring that someone lives; caring that lives are not ruined. They show us they are not truly pro-life…not only because they would rather a woman die than abort a fetus safely, but also because they don’t give any consideration to what it will do to the woman’s life if she has a baby, nor do they care what life for the baby would be like after birth. How is that pro-life? IT’S NOT.  

Religion should not mix with politics or medicine. And politics should not mix with medicine. Separation of state and medicine should be an absolute RIGHT FOR ALL WOMEN; even if we have to fight for it. it means you realize you don’t own anyone else and you have no right to chose what a woman can and cannot do. Pro-choice means you realize it is not your place to judge others and make a choice for them. 

I must add, I am pro-choice, obviously, but I am also very pro-abortion. I make a point to note this because these anti’s aren’t letting up with their hate for abortion; so I am going all out in my support OF abortion.

With that said, to further explain why religion and medicine shouldn’t mix, I’ll go back to what I said at the start of this post, regarding the person who thinks every person has the same mission in life and that is to create children.

The other day an anti informed me that our purpose in life is to basically be human incubators…in addition to loving and serving “god”, raising a family… until we die. Sex, this person said, should only be used for reproduction, nothing more. So, according to this absurd theory no one should unless it’s baby time. This means not having sex to express love for one’s partner as well as not having sex to grow closer and experience pleasure and closeness with their spouse or partner.

They can say they do not have sexual thoughts and feelings all they would like, but of course they are lying. Sex is natural; there is nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t make you dirty, it doesn’t make you a ‘sinner’ or bad for having sex. Everyone is different (THANKFULLY); I wanted to wait before actually having sex until I met the one person I’d spend my life with SIMPLY BECAUSE OF A ROMANTIC IDEA that was MY OWN. Religion had NOTHING to do with MY choice. But most people don’t want to wait and that is not only okay and normal, but it is natural. Even their own bible talks about sexuality and love; so I don’t understand the sex is bad argument, and given I don’t believe in the bible I don’t understand their argument regarding taking other people’s rights from them.

Please at least think of how so many anti-choice politicians, people and Central Pregnancy Care Centers (never trust these centers!!! reasons? They are anti-choice and aim to GUILT women into not having abortion. Recorded evidence and other information HERE. Through their uncalled for use of the religion card and attempt to not only deny women of our rights but also force their religious views on our mind AND body, they are harming women and abusing those who fall into their trap.

Women need to realize how wrong they are and fight back. You can believe in something without hating all of those who believe differently. I am spiritual, not religious; but that means nothing. I don’t care what another person believes so long as they don’t try to force me to be victim of their insane views. I don’t speak of my views unless questioned; and even then, I never, ever would try to make someone follow my system of belief. That is none of my business; something Christians need to learn in many regards.

An abortion is not murder.

If you have or are going to have an abortion, you are not evil. You are not bad, you are not a slut for having sex.

Their words are empty; follow your heart, and spread truth. No woman should have to think she is only here to be an incubator; no woman should be made to feel evil for having a medical procedure for WHATEVER her reason is. And finally, not one person in this world should have the right to not simply try and take women’s rights away, but then go on to say they are pro-life.

[Abortion video still work in progress, bare with me please! Also, I’m a bit behind in my messages and emails, I’ll respond ASAP…]

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