Few Answers to Anti Comments on my Abortion Video :-)

Things have been so busy lately it wasn’t until tonight I checked my YouTube account and found some surprise comments on my abortion video (see below)

I received some very kind messages and comments, as well as ones that made me feel as if maybe I can make a difference sharing my story; the number of people doesn’t matter. To the people who are kind and interested, I owe so many thanks to.

Of course, I got plenty of hate comments too from “Anti’s” – I didn’t read them, have no intention to, I deleted them but I did skim over enough to see some of what they asked so I’m going to give yet another brief post about why having an abortion is not evil, for those who have very thick heads. Let’s begin!

One person said it wasn’t religion for them but the taking of a life with a heart beat. In my opinion, a heartbeat does not make you a living, breathing human being. It means a fetus is developing. To me, it is only when the child is delivered that you have an infant. Drawing their first breath, they breathe LIFE into them and that, to me, is the start of a baby. And please, don’t get me wrong; if the baby for some tragic reason does not breathe, obviously I do believe it was an infant, as it had come into this world but couldn’t survive.

Another said “explain how you’re not a murderer” which is really quiet simple to answer. I’m not a murderer because… well first let me say since it was directed specifically at me:

Making the choice to save my life instead of an unborn fetus’ life, doesn’t make anyone, including me, a murderer. The reasons for this are listed below but first I must say, if you care so much about the fetus that would become a child, why don’t you take into consideration the results of it being born and how it will be brought up? Actually, anti’s, I will say this with the utmost truth in my heart and I say this for me because I know why I had the procedure, but I also say it for all women…

I believe it shows how much I do love by having this procedure done. How? Well, for one, I knew I would die before giving birth had I not, but moreover, let’s say I had survived.

It would have been put into a horrific life that no adult let alone child should be in. It would have been placed where no child should be; it would not have received proper attention and other necessities and ETC, why? Because me and my husband were/are FAR from ready to have that responsibility.

I had my abortion out of LOVE and also because I want to have the chance to heal and live; a fetus has never lived in this life…So how can anyone argue it is more important than the mother; who HAS lived and still wants to live? The argument makes no sense.

  But back to why it’s not murder.

a) In my time, I have not taken any other person’s life from them. Define life: someone who can live outside of the womb (without going straight to an incubator for that’s just another form of a womb) and has their own identity. A new born has their own identity the moment they breath in the first breath; they are special and unique. That’s the start of life. Not the stages prior that where the fetus is working to create a life.  So, that said, no murdering has occurred. Now on to

b) if I get pregnant and abort the pregnancy, that is not killing a being who has lived and had a life; that is me making a choice for my own well being. Let’s face it; if I die or if I can’t handle a child, but moreover, if I die my body will fail- thus the fetus will too. So I see no real argument about murder other than they are misguided. And if they are set in their ways; fine, but why must you try to impose upon the lives of people who don’t care at all what you have to say or what names you want to call them? Believe what you want, I respect that but don’t try to brainwash and force it on others who disagree with you! So now,

This has nothing to do with murder but instead a comment I half read saying something about how my life and past doesn’t make abortion okay. First, no matter what a woman’s reason for abortion is, it is okay and you’re not bad nor a murderer. Such as, if a person aborts because of a horrible situation they are in, because they are not ready and want to be able to get their life together and be ready for when they have a child, if they do it to save their life or mental health, drugs, abuse, etc, and they abort because they don’t want a child to be brought into that life of hell, I think that is honorable.

I don’t care nor is it any of my business why a woman has an abortion; if it is right for her, I support it. But, I think it takes more love and compassion to wish you could have a child but to admit it would be a selfish, horrible action to bring a child into a life of torment. If you want my opinion, it is the easy way out and a cruel way out, to have a child when you aren’t ready; when you live around drugs or are on drugs, when you are too busy with work or can barely feed yourself- let alone another.

I know women who do it, I love them regardless, but I don’t agree with them. I don’t think they are “evil” as the name calling anti’s want the pro-abortionists to believe we are. I don’t do too much name calling (…much…I’m human haha but best believe I always have an argument prior the names. But even that I keep to a low minimum.)- name calling and belittling is something someone with no argument has to rely on. If you have an argument then state it, if someone has facts that disprove what you say, why can’t you accept that, why go to calling names? *scratches head*

Bottom line; it is a woman’s body, mine is mine, and not one person but me should have the right to say what I can and cannot do. Even if you’re having a child, the woman’s health should come first. If you cannot handle it, don’t want it, your health should come first for having a child when you can’t handle it or don’t want it will only be hurtful and could even be tragic. Point is, regardless, the woman is carrying the fetus (fetus, not living, breathing human) and her health, her desires, her wishes and her being comfortable all should be priority number one.

For those having the child, the fetus needs the mother to nurture and then give birth. Without her, it will not survive and the incubator thing is an option very late but that, again, is another form of a womb. In most cases, if the mother dies, the fetus dies. It makes me wonder how anti’s justify their insane logic of being pro-life when I see nothing pro-life about dying, harming yourself or etc simply because anti’s think you should save a fetus whom has never lived in this life.

There is nothing wrong with abortion; there is nothing wrong with wanting to do what is right and healthy for yourself. I am not saying all women go out and get one now! No, I’m saying, those who need or want an abortion, those who have had one…you are NOT evil, not a murderer; no matter the reason you did it.

Don’t listen to those who have no scientific or medical proof in their argument- they are trying to make themselves feel better by bringing others down. They aren’t worth your time. Hold your head high!

One thought on “Few Answers to Anti Comments on my Abortion Video :-)”

  1. This is not hate mail “I don’t think that is right I’ve seen your video and I don’t think your evil. I can see from your eyes it was hard for you to do what you did and I see you are firm your beliefs. So when I decided to write I knew I would not try to persuade you our insult you. I believe life starts the moment the sperm fights it’s way to enter the womb and every day it grows we are going to see things differently and that’s fine. I get that there are people in this world that should not have kids I mean every time I turn on the TV a child is being abused our murdered .My life has been hard what I just mean to say is I know my heart breaks because in this world there is hate so much in everything I can see why so many women find it easier to have an abortion but I don’t agree it should become an everyday thing I know there are different reasons but not just because. I am not smart I didn’t go to high school college not because I made that choice so I don’t know fancy words our even want takes place during an abortion but I am human I am a woman,a mother I feel strongly much like you feel in what you believe I knew my sons were life inside me as they grew I felt them move and with all my heart I believed I knew I didn’t need a doctor our any one to tell what I already new from within me. We women need to find some common ground and try to understand each other and really learn about life our maybe we wanna believe what suits us the best and I am including my self. I don’t know if this is even going to get Read I am just trying to give a piece of what I feel I mean if we know a plant is alive and even most animals that are like wow! How when it’s so different but none the less it’s ALive why is a baby not maybe I am stupid and there are things I don’t know but it just doesn’t seem right to say there not alive our they can’t feel when every part of me feels they are just as alive as me and you. If you did read thank you for your time if you think I am funny our stupid even ignorant I am sorry to have wasted your time.

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