Key Witnesses Lied Under Oath in Ferguson Case- Shocking!

ferguson MO police michael brown protest swatKey witnesses in Michael Brown’s case lied under oath, it’s been ‘revealed’… While this is nothing new and nothing surprising, I feel it’s important to make note of for those who have trouble understanding…

Just as important, please remember; this isn’t just one case. When I was doing police brutality work, one of my responsibilities was to locate lawyers for victims. In a couple of states and locations the lawyers straight up told me they were afraid to go up against the local police and advised I searched neighboring city and/or state lawyers. 

That should be a huge red flag on its own. Articles and links follow:

A star witness in the grand jury case involving former Ferguson, Mo police officer Darren Wilson has been revealed to be a racist suffering from mental illness with a criminal past. Sandra McElroy known as “Witness 40″ has been a crucial part of Wilson’s claims surrounding the altercation between himself and Michael Brown. McElroy’s accounts of the events on Aug. 9, closely mirrored the ex-cop who shot and killed an unarmed Brown. The Smoking Gun is reporting McElroy’s story became very suspicious, due to
her statement to the St. Louis police department being given on Sept. 11 and again to the Justice Department prosecutors on Oct. 22. McElroy’s statements were taken after Wilson’s account of shooting were made public.

McElroy told police she saw the shooting take place while she was smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk. According to TSG’s reports however, McElroy wasn’t around the location of the fatal shooting as she claimed to be. Prosecutors maintained McElroy was lying about witnessing the incident but she stuck to her story. After appearing before the grand jury twice McElroy’s statement was finally discredited after she admitted she read online about the incident.

McElroy’s racist behavior also came to light by the site’s investigation. After Brown’s death, McElroy created a Facebook page supporting Wilson, with a picture of the 18-year old lying face down dead in the streets. McElroy wrote the caption under the picture:

Michael Brown already received justice. So please, stop asking for it.

The 45-year old mother of 5, who is also suffering from biploar was also found by the site to have a past of lying to police.  In 2007, McElroy claimed to have information surrounding a boy was rescued after being held in captivity for four years. Police soon discredited her claims after they uncovered she was lying.

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Let’s look at another quick article… I’d like to note I don’t believe for one moment that it is a ‘coincidence’ in the people selected for jury. If there was a person known for fabricating before, then of course that is ideal for the cops because of course she’d do it again. But intimidation and other methods possibly used are troublesome… We must wake up, America…. Next article begins with links and original post to follow….

The St. Louis County prosecutor in the grand jury that acquitted Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson said that some of the witnesses called lied under oath.

“Clearly some were not telling the truth,” Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch said in an interview with KTRS radio on Friday. He said he’s not planning to file charges against witnesses who lied.

McCulloch said that he wanted “anyone who claimed to have witnessed anything… presented to the grand jury,” and that he didn’t have regrets about calling non-credible witnesses, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

McCulloch talked about at least one witness who he said appeared to have pulled her account of Michael Brown’s death from a newspaper report.

The Post-Dispatch reported that McCulloch was referring to Sandra McElroy, whose retelling of events was discredited by investigators.

It was McCulloch’s first extensive interview since the grand jury decided not to charge Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

The decision in the Wilson case, and the acquittal of a NYPD officer in the death of Eric Garner, set of a wave of national protests in late November and early December. – Original post HERE

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