Outrage Over: Innocent People Being Killed by Cops orTwo Cops Shot in Brooklyn…

I find it humbling that some protesters in NYC left flowers for the two cops that were killed by a gunmen with a history of violence and mental illness. Upset over the injustice of the murders of men such as Eric Garner and Micheal Brown, he set out to take police life; and he did. Do I agree? No, of course not. But he was seriously mentally ill, and I am positive watching Black male after Black male be murdered by police was not helping him any. So I can understand to a degree. However, now things are going to escalate. Black lives will be in even more danger as police across America have now been put on alert due to the killings.

I don’t support killing another unless it is self defense. However, I can’t say I have the same good heart as so many protesters have by giving the flowers and showing their condolences. I don’t want anyone to die and anytime anyone loses a member of the family it is hard… However, I somehow cannot feel sympathy like I do for victims of police violence. Newspapers never mentioned anything positive about Tamir Rice; and I’d be willing to bet Fox News isn’t talking about Darren Wilson or the lying witnesses in Michael Brown’s case.

I have not read anywhere (so I assume TV is the same … as always ) that mentions the grief of the families that just lost a child to killer cop(s). However, when you read the papers all one will see is talk of how horribly painful it is for the cop’s wife, and of course, the children…

That is what upset me the most. The children. Kids have been killed by cops before, but because Tamir Rice made the news I will use him as an example and ask, why is no one outraged that a mother has lost her baby? Why are people not outraged when the cops kill or severely beat an innocent, unarmed person? How can so many people in society see even  just one or two of these cases and then turn away, saying that the police “must have had a reason”, as if they are saints from heaven above?!

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio has made it clear that he wants all police brutality protestors to stop mourning and to stop their freedom to express their pain, disgust and outrage over the killing of innocents by police until the dead cops funerals are finished. This is a slap to the face and I hope not one soul listens. #NYPDLIVESMATTER but no more than #BLACKLIVESMATTER or #HUMANLIVESMATTER –

During his public speech to give condolences to the families of the slain cops he said the following, which only fuels the fire and passion in me to fight for what is just and right. He said:

“We all see the world through the prism of our own families. It’s time for people to take stock of this moment. It’s a time to step back and just focus on these families… I think it’s a time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things that we will talk about in due time. In the coming days, as two families prepare for funerals and figure out how to piece their lives back together, that should be our only concern: How do we support them?”

Those are the most obscure, degrading words I can imagine hearing. Wanting to shut down the city and mourn over two families who lost their husbands, while forgetting and not once mentioning how to help the families of the recently deceased children or adults cope with their loss and grief.  He is saying, blatantly, that the cops lives were worth more than citizen lives.

Which is untrue. Another thing said was that they didn’t even have a chance to reach for their gun. Um, what about Tamir Rice, who had a FAKE GUN and it wasn’t even pointed at them. He was shot within 1-2.5 seconds of them jumping out of the car, he didn’t have time to do anything, either. They didn’t attempt to talk to him or save him; they’ve showed no compassion towards those recently lost, nor those lost in the past…so how can anyone expect me to show it for the police?

Yeah, there are a handful of good cops. But I have seen and dealt with far more bad ones and the good ones I have met are not a common sight. Even if they don’t engage in the violence, by remaining silent they are just as guilty, in my opinion.

So when the police departments and other officials start showing care and concern over the killings of two police officers but not any of the real victims; the innocent, unarmed, mentally ill victims; I find sympathy a bit hard. And again, I admire the police brutality protesters for paying their respects to the dead officers; that shows a lot about how kind their hearts are. I would like to say I would be that kind, but until they care about the people killed and beaten by their fellow officers, I am at a loss as what to say.

What can I say when I see things like the following…

It was only last week when the proud gun toting cop, Phillip White, was ‘suspended’ due to his violent tweets regarding those protesting against the horrific injustices that have been   goifuck the police copslivesmatter nypdlivesmatter blacklivesmatterng on regarding police brutality; and that still continues to rage on.

I’ve featured a photo to show a couple of examples of his state of mind (he should not be a cop) and also his superiority complex. He may be “suspended” but I’d be willing to bet they plan on putting him back out there on the streets. I’d feel a lot safer if he was off the streets, personally.

“Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. #CopsLivesMatter “ he says.

First off; cops lives do not matter more than another life. So no; a police officer is supposed to be there to serve and protect, right? We wouldn’t be furious and in the streets if police were doing their job correctly.

We wouldn’t be losing hundreds to thousands of lives annually (innocent lives at that) if the police were doing their job correctly. And, in order to find them in anyway trust worthy, police officers will have to be held to the highest standard of the law.

So, for example if a cop (or cops) have beaten a person, used uncalled for excessive force during an arrest or anything of the like they should have to stand trial just as me or you would. Additionally -and obviously- they should also no longer be able to remain as an officer.

The same concept should be applied to murder, especially young, innocent, unarmed and too frequently, Black individuals are the victims. The punishment police receive over criminal behavior should be harsh; it should be harsher than it is to the ‘average citizen’ because they have taken a sworn oath to help others, not kill or beat them as they see fit.

If more people turned the TV off and did research on police brutality cases around America within the past few years even, it would shock many to see the stuff that police get away with. I hope it shocks you; and then makes you angry enough to fight back for justice and equality…

If police officers knew they would face real punishment and not a paid vacation I believe a drastic change would be happen between the people and police. This would cease or at least bring down the number of killings as well as beatings (assault, battery, etc) because they would be held accountable to the law for their crime like murderers and anyone who causes harm or threatens another would/should be.

The above cop said he has the right to shoot to kill if he feels you are threatening him. If he does have that right, then so should we, each and every American citizen should have the ‘god given right’ to protect our lives against anyone; including cops.

Currently, the only state to have a law making it legal to shoot a cop in self defense is Indiana. Why is the rest of America so slow to act?

If a random person breaks into your house, for example, you are allowed to use “force within reason” to protect yourself and your property. So when you would go before the jury you would claim self defense and prove that the actions you took were indeed necessary.

Cops tend  to always say they thought the person had a gun, or, they were doing it for fear of their life… Legal loop holes…Disgusting ones.

That shouldn’t be allowed to be an argument. Besides the fact that being a police officer is not the most dangerous job (an example of this being…door to door salesmen have a higher risk of being murdered than a cop), they are allegedly trained. If they cannot cope with stress or working under pressure, they shouldn’t be a police officer. Period.

Around 74 cops were killed in 2013, whereas hundreds upon hundreds of innocent men, women and children were murdered for no reason by the police. But no one mentions mourning for the families of those murdered by police. Given the size and population of all of America, 70 some odd deaths VS many, many hundreds of innocent deaths is shocking. 70 something is nothing compared to the lives they take. The year before that it was only in the 50s, and while I wish death upon no one, it is clear to see the real victims in America are not the police.

Excuses are then thrown out… But if they can’t handle a 6 year old child who is cutting himself with glass without the use of a tazer (yes this is an actual case), they do not belong in the “to serve and protect” department.

The cops of America have failed us for countless years, but it is worse now because by now things should have evolved. But they haven’t evolved, at least not for the better. People need to stay on the streets, educate one another and do whatever we must to ensure we have cops that do.