Don’t Let Anyone-including me- Influence YOUR CHOICE -Abortion Post & Video

Inspired by yet another fun tweet today 🙂 These anti-choice and anti-life people make me laugh. Normally, I have no time for them, but every once in awhile I find someone’s effort funny and…well, I usually end up with a video after lol.

I show a bit of my ADHD in this video but ride out the storm with me as I do have points. As noted among other things, I will be adding more resources to my abortion page for women who have or are having or wanting an abortion… AND I will be putting in a religious section **gasp**!

I am a neo-pagan, I don’t believe in Christianity and am proud of it. However, I have nothing against anyone until they give me a reason to. These Christian attackers today simply reminded me how horrible they can be, and I can’t help but wonder what it is like for a Christian woman to want or have an abortion. Obviously, all the lines and resources I’ve posted up are open to anyone regardless, but, if a Christian needs another Christian to talk to, one who understands and doesn’t deem it a sin nor bother judging the woman, then cool.

The main point of all of this is… I never want a woman to be alone or feel alone in this. It breaks my heart to think of women who don’t have a needed medical procedure because of money but especially because of religion or because they are in a fragile state and end up believing the fire and brimstone fear tactics too many Christians use.

I may not matter, I may not change anything, but at least I know I am trying, with all my heart, to help anyone I can. I may not be doing great, but I do care; I care so much my heart longs to do more… Maybe in time, I will. Until then, even if this helps one woman… That makes it worth while.

No matter your reason, religion, no religion, no matter nationality, age, color, race, any of that nonsense; we are women. And we must fight together to maintain and keep our rights; we need to uplift and remind each other that those who are brainwashed and call names are simply calling names because that is what people without a valid argument do. Try to hurt you. Ignore them, they aren’t worth your time.

So, in my quick search for Christian abortion resources, I found a rather interesting hotline as well as the story that goes along with it. I will be posting that up within the next few hours along with the resources and such I mentioned…

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