Religious “Man” in Indiana Attempts Physical Attack on Planned Parenthood

Killing is wrong!!! Is what you hear from so many “anti-choicers.” Their “religion” tells them it’s “wrong” (wonder what would happen if they didn’t have those commandments to remind them not to kill, because even with them…). A so called “man” in Bloomington, Indiana, is in custody of the cops after going to a local Planned Parenthood clinic early in the morning, vandalizing it with red paint while it was closed, and then waiting there…with an ax.
Thankfully, due to it being so early, no staff or patients were harmed. If they release this guy back onto the streets it not only will fuel my belief that our system is one of no justice but it will also be a huge disrespect and disregard for women and the rights of women.

This “man” targeted Planned Parenthood because of his so called “religious beliefs” – that the place was “killing” and “murdering” babies. *Which is a lie, abortion is not murder if anyone out there needs to be reminded.*

Indiana is going through enough regarding the rights of women and our reproductive health (see TRAP in Indiana here) without having an openly brainwashed and potential dangerous “man” on the lose. These kind of people shouldn’t be taken lightly; a threat was MORE than made against those who are pro choice and Planned Parenthood. If the government cares even an ounce about females, he shouldn’t be allowed in any area that would allow him to continue being a murderous and religious threat.

I hope this doesn’t scare women (and men) from providing health care to women who need or want an abortion. I also hope it doesn’t scare any females from going and receiving other forms of reproductive treatment. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs, and don’t let these religious zealots make you doubt what you know is right or make you think you are less than you are. If you are planning to have an abortion but these morons somehow get into your mind; please, don’t let them stand in the way of you and the future you are working to achieve. Every woman deserves a future and if men had to carry child, things would be a lot different.

Listen to yourself; not anyone else…Not even me lol. By that I truly mean, listen to yourself, and do what is right for you, please let no one else make you feel a medical procedure is “evil” or “murder”- you can see how delusional these people are by the actions of those insane enough to act.

Actions like these are based on things these people believe. Because of this it is impossible for me to see how anyone could respect or take seriously their point of view or the name-calling they throw around in an attempt to abuse you and make you doubt in yourself.

Anyway, the CEO of Indiana’s Planned Parenthood, Betty Cockrum, stated the following:

“We are of course working closely with local law enforcement regarding this incident, but no matter what the case, this individual will not deter us from continuing our mission to provide preventive care such as birth control, Pap tests, testicular and breast exams, and STD testing and treatment, in addition to abortion services, in Bloomington.”

“While the center is only open for limited purposes today, it will again be fully up and running as soon as possible. We will protect our patients and our staff, and we will rise above, as we always do.”

I am proud of her and of all the staff; nothing but all of my respect to them. But the statement makes me a bit sad. We (men and women who work for the rights of women; and of course, women) have had to overcome so much hate in the past for not “staying in our place” and for wanting FULL control of ourselves and rights.

And it is still happening. What makes me sad about that statement, though, is she says, “as we always do.” We are so used to the abuse given from religious zealots who feel the need to push their beliefs down the throats of everyone and hate anyone who thinks differently among the attempts to keep us “in our place” while our rights are stripped and we are used… it is NORMAL to us. It is commonplace.

It’s heartbreaking when we get to a place of abuse (no matter the relationship type) where the abuse and attacks are normal.

But what brings back happiness and hope to the statement is that we do rise above, no matter what. We continue to fight on, we continue to demand our rights and will always do so until we have them.

I suppose there really is nothing sad in the statement then. We are doing all we can, fighting daily to ensure we have our rights. That’s respectable, honorable, and something all women (and men) involved in this battle should be proud of.

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