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Black Lives Matter- Help Identify Woman Behind Hateful Vandalism Spree

I’m not sure what people mean when they go on about not understanding the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ I’ve suffered through the arguments with ignorant, racist bigots who think saying Black Lives Matter means something hateful or disregarding the

deaths and beatings of white people. That’s insane and a few months back I made two videos in response to one of these fools I was ‘talking to’ online. Sorry but I’ve no better term than fool; that’s as nice as I can put it. If you desire, you can watch them here. The second one is I’ve put up first, above this text. The next one can be found below. for I think it sums up everything best. The first one is at the bottom, and I feel it has good points as well, I just think the first one needed to be the one I ended the conversation with the racist *#($ with. And I’m bringing up Black Lives Matter for a reason. There is a “person of interest” the cops are looking for regarding vandalism on a large scale targeting the Black Lives Matter movement. Click here to read the article and help identify her. Thank you!

Religious “Man” in Indiana Attempts Physical Attack on Planned Parenthood

Killing is wrong!!! Is what you hear from so many “anti-choicers.” Their “religion” tells them it’s “wrong” (wonder what would happen if they didn’t have those commandments to remind them not to kill, because even with them…). A so called “man” in Bloomington, Indiana, is in custody of the cops after going to a local Planned Parenthood clinic early in the morning, vandalizing it with red paint while it was closed, and then waiting there…with an ax.
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