Police Shoot Harmless Dog, Trespass, and Leave Owner Traumatized

“video surveillance footage from the Green family residence revealed the absence of any charging, lunging or showing of teeth by the dog Grady and instead showed the dog Grady seeking ‘greater distance between the officer and himself,’ displaying ‘calming [body] signals’ by ‘looking away from the officers and showing his [Grady’s] flank,’ and moving in a ‘trot.'” (Brackets in complaint.)

(Yes, this is relevant). I had my precious best friend, a dog, for 15, almost 16 years. Since the age of 6, she has been my best friend, she loved no one but me- a trait only she had and to a traumatized child that was vital. As I grew up she stayed the only loyal being, I grieve her still. I wear her collar on my wrist (she’s a chihuahua) and think of her daily. I now have another chihuahua whom is precious to me. To see them or any animal hurt like this breaks my heart, but when it’s your dog, the pain would be more than traumatic. Had this been me and my dogs, especially my best friend, I think I would have had a breakdown for she was all I had.

People who don’t know the love and emotional bond between animals and humans I have pity for. Maybe you aren’t as obsessed with your dog or animal but feel it’s part of your family.

Now, how would you feel if he/she was calmly sitting on your porch watching the world and minding its business, only to be shot…on purpose…by a cop?

In the Chicago suburb of South Holland that’s exactly what happened; with video footage to prove the dogs innocence. What happened? Why does this matter? Surely a cop wouldn’t unjustly kill an innocent family dog…

On July 22, 2012, two Officers arrived in separate cars, parking in front of the home of Randy Green for at least 20 minutes between 9 and 10 in the morning. They were investigating a dog off of his leash. The call and caller reveal a report of nothing vicious, with the caller only stating the dog was ‘a big old gray dog running around.’ this caller made no mention whatsoever of the dog being dangerous, aggressive, mean or viscous; just large and off his leash.

The Green family was asleep as the dog sat outside on their porch, with information as well as knowledge of the chain, it’s believed the chain that the family used to keep the dog in the yard broke as they slept.

Even though the dog never showed signs of upset or aggression, if the cops had to do something they both had dog catching poles in the trunks of their cars, legal reports state. Yet not one attempted to capture the dog using these poles. But aggression isn’t an issue with the dog, just the cops. For as the cops watched him, the dog walked past both cops, multiple times, bothering neither,… Then after his short stroll, he went back, lazily, to his place on Mr. Green’s front porch.

The cops got bored, I assume, getting out of their cars. Officer Chad Barden drew his gun at Mr. Green’s Cane Corso dog, named Grady, who was still sitting on the porch showing no signs of aggression. In fact, video shows the dog walking further away to distance himself from the stranger.

No matter, because suddenly, with no provocation, Barden aimed and fired; shooting Grady three times as his partner, approximately 100 feet away, leaned against his car watching.

Hurt and wounded, Grady ran to the back yard where Mr. Green rushed out to help him, rushing him to an emergency vet. After he left, again citing from legal statements, the cops walked onto the private property of Mr. Green without any reason, going through his backyard as well as other personal areas around his house.

Now, Randy Green has taken it to federal court and is suing the Village of South Holland officer Chad Barden as well as other officers currently unknown. He is seeking damages for trespassing, unreasonable seizure, intentional infliction of emotional distress, the violation of the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act, as well as malicious prosecution.

Below are a few excerpts from the report:

To cite expert report:

“video surveillance footage from the Green family residence revealed the absence of any charging, lunging or showing of teeth by the dog Grady and instead showed the dog Grady seeking ‘greater distance between the officer and himself,’ displaying ‘calming [body] signals’ by ‘looking away from the officers and showing his [Grady’s] flank,’ and moving in a ‘trot.'” (Brackets in complaint.)

“At no time did the dog Grady make physical contact with either officer.

“Shortly thereafter, Officer Barden shot the dog Grady three times for no reason.”

As if this all hasn’t been enough, one month later a South Holland officer delivered a letter to Mr. Green with the accusation that his dog Grady was a so called dangerous dog.

When cops kill mentally disabled or mentally ill, kids, teens, adults; when they beat or harass them, of course, as I’ve shown countless times on my blog, it’s the most disgusting abuse of power in my eyes. I loathe police brutality in all forms; including against innocent animals.

Cops are supposed to be trained to deal with different situations; as in this case, they had an alternative they didn’t try. If they were scared, they shouldn’t be cops, especially if they can’t even handle a non aggressive dog. Mentally ill children and adults have been killed or beaten at rates far too high. In many cases the person was harming themselves. So the cop shoots or tazers a 6 year old, or 15 year old, or 8 year old for what reason? (I have these all on file) A better question is why is punishment so rarely given to cops when they do wrong?

They are supposed to be able to deal with complex situations and people. These people posed no threat, just like the dog. Instead of doing their job-which may take longer and require work, they take the easy way out; their gun or other weapon including their feet and hands.

That is not helping the people.

For those who think cops have the most “dangerous” job, please see this site: click here for post.

Sadly, I doubt anything will come of this. People don’t get justice, and Mr. Green I fear won’t get any for the trauma he endured. What a sad state, when the people are below killers, abusers and are supposed to respect these “men”- yes, good cops exist. But not enough to sway my view. They very rarely pay for their crimes, in fact often are rewarded. If a police force exists, it needs to be one made of virtue and accountability- not a blue shield, badge to kill or abuse and live above the law.

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