Quick Update Post :-) -I’m baaaack!

Just a quick update- between being more sick than usual for a few days and personal issues, my blog has suffered greatly from lack of post… Soo, I just wanted to post this to let any readers I still have know how grateful I am for waiting 🙂 and also to say regular posting will begin tonight 🙂

There are so many issues to discuss and share it can seem a bit daunting when first back- but I will get it done! So…though many may not even have noticed my absence, I thought I’d just drop in a quick update that I’m not going anywhere 😛

Thank you again to any and all who stay true during personal hard times arise.

Respect & Uhuru!!!!

Yes- I was eminem’s biggest fan- LONG before it was cool =| and I still listen… Well, only to first couple albums before he got mainstream.,,

Ahhh how I love music 🙂

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