Abortion Dr. Tiller-LONDON- Screening & ScreenTalk-July 6- East End Film Festival

If you are in the UK – especially London, be sure to check out the film selection regarding the heroic and inspiring Dr. Tiller. A man dedicated to what he believed in, only to be murdered by one of the insane anti-choice/”pro”-lifers. Check it out July 6th, London!!! (information follows below as does link, I must give a very, very quick rant first.

It’s simply astonishing how pro”lifers” support an unjust death penalty system here in the states, yet hate doctors whom perform safe and moral medical practices so much that these “pro-lifers” (aka anti-choicers) somehow think killing innocent adult for caring for his patients is somehow, moral!? Umm, what we do medically is no one’s business, anyway. These “people”‘disgust me.

As a woman who in fact does support 3rd term abortions, and does not consider it murder (because…well…it’s not, simply put), I wish so badly I was in the UK to attend… It seems I’m always in the wrong country or city when things like this happen >.< anyhow! So London & all you in the UK who can go; below are the details and the link for tickets & etc. Ohhh I wanna go!!!

A Sundance 2013 official selection, After Tiller investigates an extremely divisive and controversial subject in America: third-term abortions.

Following the only four doctors who continue this practice after the association of Dr Tiller in 2009 and in spite of violent intimidation by pro-life groups, this is a thoughtful, humanistic inquiry that sensitively and artfully extricates the controversy.

US 2012 Dirs Marsha Shane and Lana Wilson 85 min

After the film we will host a ScreenTalk with Manuelle Hurwitz of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Patricia Lohr of the British Pregnancy Advisory Services.

Co-presented with East End Film Festival and In association with Sheffield Doc/Fest

After Tiller (15*) + ScreenTalk
6 July 2013
Cinema 3 (Beech St)

Standard – £10.50 online / £11.50 on the door

Barbican Members – £8.40 online / £9.20 on the door

Concessions – £9.50 online / £10.50 on the door

Under 18s £6

50p online booking fee, 60p telephone booking fee per transaction – click here for more information on booking fees – subject to availability

Part of East End Film Festival 2013
* Locally classified *

Click here to visit site, buy tickets, etc!

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