Call Sen. Tick Segerblom Regarding NDAA Nullification: He’s Asked You To

Care about your freedom? Do you think having the government/military not be able to come into your home and arrest you is a good thing? Then you need to take up this man on his offer, because this DOES impact you.

Nevada Sen. Tick Segerblom has “dared” the internet to call him (Read HERE.) as he doesn’t agree that you should have the above rights to freedom, along with a hell of a lot more rights he believes shouldn’t be yours, but the government’s. (See post below or just click here I suppose, more links below though).

He’s dared us to call him. He threatens the security and privacy of American’s… So, what are you waiting for?

His number is 775-684-1422

Below is information for anyone who wants to read up a bit before calling. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Spread the word. Give him YOUR reasons, give him LOGIC’S reasons, whatever you do…do SOMETHING.


Nevada Action Alert: Help Pass NDAA Nullification

Nevada’s SB378, The Liberty Preservation Act to nullify NDAA Indefinite detention, is in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It will require a hearing and vote before going to the State Senate for debate and vote. 

Please take the following steps to help pass SB378 – and nullify indefinite detention in Nevada!


1.Contact the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary.  Politely let him know that you’d like him to schedule a hearing and vote on SB378.  And also encourage him to vote YES.

Tick Segerblom 775-684-1422

2. Contact all the Members of the Senate Judiciary committee.  Strongly but respectfully, urge each of them to vote YES on SB378 to take a stand against NDAA “indefinite detention.”

Ruben J. Kihuen 702-274-1707
Aaron D. Ford 702-772-5544
Justin C. Jones 702-265-5878
Greg Brower 775-684-1419
Scott Hammond 702-523-9055
Mark Hutchison 702-233-2049

3. Encourage your local community to take action as well.  Present the Liberty Preservation Act to your city county, your town council, or your county commissioners.  Various local governments around the country are already passing similar resolutions and ordinances.  Local legislative action present a great way to strengthen a statewide campaign against NDAA indefinite detention

Model legislation here:

4. Get connected to what is happening in your state on Facebook

Join the Nullify NDAA in Nevada group on facebook here:

5.  Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.


NDAA: Open Season for the Police State

Scary Potential in Sections 1021 and 1022

Note: while some believe that the 2013 NDAA eliminated indefinite detention, it does not.  Dianne Feinstein introduced a very weak amendment to 2013 – and it failed anyway.  2012 indefinite detention provisions remain in tact – and the Obama administration is aggressively defending them in court.

Also, a case about indefinite detention is still being heard in federal court. Last year, Federal Judge Katherine Forrest struck down these indefinite detention powers as unconstitutional. She issued a temporary court order blocking the use of these powers.  That order was revoked by the appeals court and indefinite detention powers remain while the case is currently on appeal but not decided.

Additionally, when asked by Judge Forrest if the federal government was using indefinite detention in violation of her temporary order blocking it, Barack Obama’s attorneys refused to confirm, leaving the door open that the Feds were potentially using this power in secret, even in outright defiance of an order from the federal courts.

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