Prison Segregation and Racial Disparities

Anyone who thinks racism doesn’t still live is out of their mind.

Prison Books Collective

solitary_confinement_cell_auschwitz_1-300x300by Margo Schlanger/ from Solitary Watch

There is remarkably little systematic information available about who is held in segregated confinement in our nation’s prisons and jails.  I recently pulled together what little quantitative data exist.  What I found is preliminary, but it suggests that in many states the harsh conditions of solitary confinement are probably disproportionately affecting prisoners of color.  Full details on sources, methodology, etc. are available in Margo Schlanger, Prison Segregation: Symposium Introduction and Preliminary Data on Racial Disparities, 118 Mich. J. Race & Law 241 (2013).

The best sources of demographic information about prisoners are the various surveys and censuses conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). While no BJS publication directly addresses the issue, and no BJS dataset allows its full analysis, it is possible to glean something from the most recent BJS prison census, the 2005 Census of State…

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