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Black 72 yr Old Woman Found Hanging; Then Swept Under Rug… Please See Video(s)!!!!

Research and Writings on a Growing Crisis

I am outraged that this woman has been murdered; that they say there was no foul play, that they pretend a 72 year old woman would do something like this! And yes, elderly people do take their lives, too, sadly. But statistically speaking:

There is research showing PUBLIC suicides are a very extreme rarity and almost always the suicide is committed by jumping off of a tall building or such. The most common method of suicide for women in the over 50 age range is overdose, shooting themselves is second but overdose has a drastically higher number.

They now are stating she died due to ‘unattended death.’ In the video I explain what that means and how they can say it is that, despite right after they state this, they express a situation that doesn’t meet the criteria of an unattended death.

There is racism going on in even deeper…

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Black, Missing, Ignored- The Current Situation

Research and Writings on a Growing Crisis

For anyone wanting to help in any way the Black women and children missing in America, going unnoticed by the media and government, there is an organization called Black & Missing. You can find this site by clicking here. It has profiles of the missing women, as well as a place to donate, offer anonymous tips, report a missing persons, get updates and more…

Additionally, coming up May 22, 2022 is a run/walk fundraiser to help this extremely important organisation. That website is here. https://blackandmissinginc.comPlease see below for links and details…

The ‘Hope Without Boundaries’ 5K Run/Walk is a fundraiser for the Black & Missing Foundation, Inc whose mission is to bring awareness to missing persons of color, provide vital resources and tools to missing person’s families and friends and to educate the minority community on personal safety. Proceeds from the event will go towards: funding for families of the…

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History to Present Day: The Mississippi State Prison Still Giving Racist Hate, Forced Free Labor, Denied Clean Water & No One Cares?

Blogged on a new site I will be using, please feel free to follow me there for more updates, writings, and more as the time goes on over the next few weeks or months. I will keep this blog up, but I will be using the new blog far more. I hope to see you guys there ❤

Uncensored Truths & Facts

Mississippi State Penitentiary, Parchman

Since its opening in 1904,Parchman has been infamous for brutal conditions of confinement and exploitation.Parchman was designed to mirror the plantation slavery system of prior centuries, profiting off the free labor of incarcerated people on Parchman farm and through convict leasing.

Theinstitution symbolizes the racist foundations of mass incarceration, including thedisproportionate incarceration of Black men.

Over one hundred years later, derelict conditions remain the reality for peopleconfined at Parchman. The systemic and widespread deterioration of Parchman’s unitsincludes crumbling infrastructure;understaffing; a lack of light and power; frequent floodingand leaks; showers that are inoperable for weeks, if not months; inoperable toilets that arenot cleaned, forcing people to resort to defecating in used food trays and plastic bags;exposed live electrical wires; black mold; and vermin infestations, among other inhumaneconditions.

During record cold weather this past winter…

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why are we tolerant to the lack of Accountability

As I work on my new site (soon to be released) I found this video I made a year or so ago regarding accountability … and why taking an oath, especially a legal one, should mean you are held to the highest of standards both good and especially bad. AKA, police accountability, something that rarely occurs…

Something I’ll be exploring in the upcoming future… We should expect more from “public servants”- why DOESN’T the majority?!

While I am writing I want to add; the reason for the new blog website is plenty, but a large reason is I’ve been gone so long, for a few years I haven’t been able to keep a steady flow of information or videos.

I will address that, for those interested, in an upcoming post. Finally, I feel like I’m in a place in my life where this, my work for the Black community in particular, can once again be my number one, main focal point.

I’ll be posting up some stuff later on my new webpage, and I will include a link and a new post here when I do. I may keep this page for the previous posts, or I may start over on this other page; so don’t unsubscribe just yet lol 😉

Thank you guys for hanging in there with me… And the videos are going to be better quality, too lol, though the passion remains… More so, even.

More to come, very soon……

Protesting? Tear Gas Protection & Such

If you are taking part in protests against these racist murdering, abusive cops who never receive justice by the US legal system, I’m with you. Protect yourself best you can from tear gas and know your rights; even when violated knowing what should be going on is crucial.

Masks to protect against tear gas

And just some general things to remember souljahs….

Stay together; stay unified and let this not stop until some fucking justice is served; from here on out let this be our NO MORE !!!!!!

Site Active Again !

I apologize greatly for my lack of activity in spreading awareness and knowledge on this site. Due to personal matters time off was forced, though the knowledge I continued to gain, and now want to begin sharing it. This applies to both my “truth” site and the site dedicated to teaching others about what ignoring mental illness in the Black community primarily is doing, especially to children, which is topic number one.

Videos to come tonight on the above issues. Thank you all for your patience!

NEW VIDEO Cops Put Rope Around Black Man, Walked By Cops With Rope- & Then Claim it Not Race Related; COME ON NOW!

Let this have been a white male; the uproar would never end. Why is it, then, we are not raging??? This is more than a racist gesture, this is a message of some form; symbolic in hate and racism, forged in jealousy by cowards. I can’t begin to express the depths of how I feel.

“We have verified with law enforcement officials in Galveston, that the photograph taken in Galveston is real. It is hard to understand why these officers felt this young man required a leash, as he was handcuffed and walking between two mounted officers. It is a scene that has invoked anger, disgust, and questions from the community.”

I fail to express my outrage, my rage, my sorrow and how fed up I am, and the reason I believe it is failed is this is becoming common place, and yet everyone is shaking their head, -everyone with a soul-, not doing a damn thing as these racist MFs get their point across.

As noted in the video below, the forced apology means nothing. These cops knew they wouldn’t be getting in trouble. This is clearly some sort of hate message and that’s why I stand by what I always say and that is be ready for something and for fuck SAKE can we please unite!? Together we have a chance against this evil; either way evil will recoil, love will overcome and put these psychos in their place, but the more the better.

How many of you guys are down for that? I mean really, because I’ve been down now, and I’m absolutely fed up and FURIOUS that all I can fucking do is write a damn blog about this horrific racist behavior and their violation of a REAL man.

If you would like more information, click here.

Help These Children… People Must Take Action!!


Two weeks ago, a government watchdog reported “dangerous overcrowding” and the “prolonged detention of children and adults” at facilities in South Texas. These alarming reports are no accident. They are the direct result of maliciously engineered policies enacted by the federal government to prevent people from lawfully seeking safety in the United States. 

Find out what’s really happening at the border and how you can help.

The dehumanization of migrants, including children, is happening in our backyard – right here in Texas. Many children are being held in metal cages while others are being denied clean clothes or showers in facilities where disease is spreading. There is also dangerous overcrowding, and they are not given enough food and water.

The disturbing pattern of abuse at the hands of government agencies are not reflective of our values. These agencies are allowed to operate in the shadows with little to no transparency, and the results have been horrific. This is unacceptable, and we cannot wait any longer to stop these inhumane policies and actions.

Learn more about how you can help children and families at the border right now.

ICE Raids… More Psycho Trump BS

ll the company: Drop all your contracts with ICE.

Mijente’s research shows that Palantir is key to Trump’s deportation machine. Earlier this year, documents released under a Freedom of Information Act request showed that Palantir’s software was used at the border to investigate and arrest the parents and sponsors of children who crossed the border alone. 

When unaccompanied minors were taken into ICE custody, agents used Palantir softare to build profiles of these children and their families, arresting any undocumented people they came across in their investigations, including those who came forward to claim their children. At least 443 people were arrested in a three-month period using Palantir’s software in this way.

We’ve known that Palantir’s software is also used extensively by Homeland Security Investigations, the division of ICE responsible for workplace raids. Workplace raids involve ICE agents storming offices, factories, convenience stores, and other places where undocumented people work and arresting them en masse. Agents often enter these places, guns drawn, and tackle workers to the ground, rounding them up and hauling them off in buses.

In April this year, more than 280 people were arrested at a workplace raid in McAllen, Texas, the largest such raid in more than a decade. Under the Trump administration, arrests from workplace raids have shot up from 172 in 2017 to 1,525 in 2018. 

Through Palantir contracts, ICE also has access to a nationwide license plate location database, which it uses to track and conduct surveillance of individuals and family members in order to arrest and deport immigrants.

Specifically, ICE uses location information to reconstruct an individual’s private life by tracking their vehicle’s movements, assembling a detailed portrait of their daily activity without meaningful safeguards and oversight and threatens the civil liberties and privacy of all drivers.

Palantir’s software is used, both in the office and in the field, by agents conducting these raids. Palantir allows ICE agents to build profiles of undocumented immigrants filled with personal information like their home address, work address, children’s school, financial information, social media profile, and more. All this information is at the fingertips of ICE agents responsible for mass deportations.

We can force Palantir to stop working with ICE. If enough of us continue putting pressure on the company, it will become less profitable to work with an agency like ICE than to drop its contracts. 

The pressure is already working — academics have forced schools to drop their ties to Palantir, and journalist and activists around the world are decrying their work with deportations. Every signature helps us spread the word and keep pressure on the company.

Join us.

Please click here to stand up and speak out on one of many, many ongoing problematic crimes with ICE and the Trump administrations attack on innocent people.