Where the silence is: an interview with artist Noah Miska about the Pelican Bay hunger strike

Moorbey'z Blog

by Adrienne Skye Roberts


Today, July 8, 2013, thousands of incarcerated people throughout California held in Security Housing Units (SHU), or solitary confinement, will begin a hunger strike, one of the only forms of resistance available to them.


In a prison system built on punishment and isolation, solitary confinement is the belly of the beast. People forced to live in the SHU are held in their cells for at least 23 hours a day and suffer conditions that can only accurately be described as torture: an absence of physical and mental health care, sunlight, adequate food, rehabilitative programming, and physical or social contact. Often the only contact people living in the SHU have is with prison guards, the very people who enforce their confinement.


Hunger strike support, pen pal recruitment empty plates art installation UC Santa Cruz 0613 by Noah Miska, web
Noah Miska’s untitled installation for the 2013 Irwin Scholars Award show

It is from this place – a place intentionally…

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