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IMPORTANT! Grenfell Tower TRAGEDY; London, Please Read!!

I can’t believe my eyes. They tell these people to sit and “stay put”… I don’t care what country you are in, you need to watch this, you need to read this, and you need to protest this. This could have been prevented; these people could still be here!!!! Between a ghetto alarm system, people telling them to stay put, the sign in their “flats” (see below)…. I am speechless. These people should not be dead. To all of you in the states with me; this could be OUR projects; don’t turn your back on other humans simply because of location, or any other pointless BS! DO SOMETHING! Like the man in THIS video… we need to UNITE. If you wanna see what REAL men do, click here. If you can’t even spare a few minutes for this, you need to get off my page.  


stay put fire sign london

And, to all the victims of the -COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED- horrific fire in the London apartment / flat building…. my heart and soul is with you all…. bless souls like this man…. and my god wtf is wrong that the gov or SOMEONE didn’t have a better plan in place than to “stay put” X( ….. im shedding tears, how can anyone turn away and ignore this ???? …. im heartbroken for every last victim…. i wish i could say more…. we need more men like this though…. do what’s RIGHT,!!! we need more selfless, good men… sending all my love to you guys in London…

Click here to sign this petition to ensure that this tragedy which could have been prevented!!!! never happens again!

One of My Current Police Brutality Projects- Soon to be Posted…

While cops in America are innocent until proven guilty, police in England have to prove they were in the right for their misconduct. After recent research and statistics in the UK finding their officers were biased, stopping and targeting Blacks more than other nationalities, just as America does.

The difference in American police and England cops as well as the differing response of each government tells/shows us that though no police department is close to what they should be, here in America those of us whom are fighting against racism and police brutality are not fighting a losing battle.

England has taken measures to stop police abusing their power with the “Three Strikes Error” rule, using a community panel. Cops in the UK have to prove their innocence when involved in a case of brutality, while American cops -if they see court- are considered innocent before and after they have the chance to be proven anything else. We can think brainwashed Americans for that, along with the media and American government. That is just a very brief summary of the research report I’ll be posting up later tonight…

I’ll have the report typed up by no later than Midnight EST… Check back, until then, here is a summary of what is to come. Also, videos honoring lost victims and tracing their abusers or killers will be posted, I promise this time! 🙂 Thank you all for tolerating me and my chaotic ways.

Change is Coming! New Website, New Writers, New Topics! Excitment.

Sorry, I love this song and I love Sam Cooke so… Play it!

Many apologies… I have been posting so much on my new webpage http://proabortionprolife.wordpress.com/ that this page kind of has become neglected. My plan over the next week is to move most of my abortion stuff as well as most of my domestic violence stuff over to the above website. I will be keeping resources for each here as well as there… simply because…I can.

But, for news, updates, etc regarding women’s health please follow that page.

This page will go back to being a more sociopolitical blog and rants about the horrific nature of society.

Also I am excited to say my brother-in-law & friend will be writing as well!!! I’m not exactly sure how to set this up but he can write the most brilliant and intelligent pieces ever, and he is British lol so he will be able to cover news and things going on that I am not able to due to my American lack of understanding 😛

Not to mention one of my favorite benefits; he enjoys debating, something most of you know I don’t do on my pages lol. I’m so happy he’ll be joining me. And on my pro-abortion/women’s page, I believe my dear friend Amy will be writing from time to time regarding women’s health issues also. If this all comes together as it seems it is, I’m going to be on top of the world!

I’ll have this all organized into categories and of course I will still be writing and making videos… This is just my site growing, and I’m feeling rather blessed now 🙂

I’m so excited about this, so please continue to bare with me as I work on exchanging pages, working, studying, etc. Thanks!!! Oh, and please make sure you forward the pro-abortion website to anyone who may be interested… If you don’t really understand what it means to be pro-abortion, you can find the definition clearly stated HERE.

Bottom line, a change is a coming soon 😀 and I’m excited, so stay tuned!

How Welfare/Job Centre Treats the Disabled- Video

This blows my mind. First, people who work with the disabled are saints (the ones who are kind and caring -such as this lady appears to be). However, when the government expects people with any disability; mental, emotional or physical, to work I don’t understand why the public is not outraged. The sweet young woman in the below video has a serious disability and upon watching her I would like anyone with a brain to name a job she could handle. Continue reading How Welfare/Job Centre Treats the Disabled- Video

American Police…Try Following This UK Officer’s Example

I normally am not impressed by cops, there was the cop in California who saved countless people from jumping to their death off of the Golden Gate Bridge– to me he’s a cop worthy of respect- at least, from what I know. Check out that link, it is actually very inspiring.

And though I know police in England are not saints and do far more than their share of abuse; I must say if American cops responded like cops in London did today, this would be a far safer country. (Police are the biggest gang we have here in America, if you ask me. That’s sad and scary. Anyhow-)

Americans, can you imagine a cop here doing this? Because I cannot. If cops responded like the cops in London did today, hell, even if they only treated the unarmed like this… but an armed person!? 
Continue reading American Police…Try Following This UK Officer’s Example

Women in America, We Cannot Forget Irish Women in Need of Abortion… Solidarity

Worldwide, women are being tortured because of denial of medical services; medical services that have been in practice for thousands of years (more on that in a soon to come post). Continue reading Women in America, We Cannot Forget Irish Women in Need of Abortion… Solidarity