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An Update: New Book, Essays, Videos to Come…

It has been quiet some time since I last posted on here, but there is a reason. Besides life, I have been plotting my new book(s), essays and other projects. As important as it is for me to focus on the latest news, especially regarding police brutality and abortion, however I want to do more in depth research and writings regarding certain topics I will list below.

Since prior to even being able to write I dreamed of being a writer. That passion and love has never faded, only grown. Research and writing both are in my soul and it is truly what I hope to do for a living for it isn’t a job, rather a blessing.

Currently, I am working on an essay which discusses the brain of infants and how abuse/neglect/etc impacts us as adults. In addition, I am working on a book about the so called War on Drugs and ways we could improve addiction and even dealing.

I am also working on rehabilitation projects for drug users, most specifically on Heroin, the long term impacts that no one discusses and the latest research on how to help addicts. Finally, I am compiling a presentation and essay regarding abortion, quality of life and women’s rights.

I know these topics seem a bit broad, but there is so much to do and so little time.

I have many other projects planned, but for now these are the ones I am working on and I hope so desperately will impact others in a positive way.  One upcoming project is to do with domestic violence/abuse and mental health (no relation).

Sadly, because I can’t do all of this, volunteer and work I neglect my blog at times and that hurts me as it truly is another passion of mine. As much as I would love to have a website/blog that brings in money so I can get by while doing the things I love the most [i.e., research, writing- exposing truth(s)] it sadly doesn’t pay. I don’t want to be rich, I just would like to be able to eat and keep my internet on so I can continue the research I so love doing. All I need is just enough to get by.

I am going to add a donation button, I don’t expect anything but if anyone does make a donation so that I can make my dream of being a writer/researcher possible, I will be eternally grateful. I also am more than willing to do freelance graphic design, writing, and things of the like for those interested. I want to live life exposing truth, researching, writing, learning… I don’t want handouts; I am more than happy to work for money, if anyone is willing to give me a chance.

Back to the topic!

If I am able to begin making even a bit of money here and with my current projects I will be able to spend a lot more time on here and that is something I long for. I have plans for my page that I just have no time to get around to due to the other projects and life, but I am so desperate for work, freelance, donations; anything.

In case donations or freelance gigs don’t occur, please do follow me on twitter as I post updates there very regularly. My twitter account can be found here -> @aPoeticTragedy

I also do youtube videos from time to time, I hope to increase this. You can find my youtube channel, HERE.

All I need is a chance and I know I can accomplish something. I am leaving gmail and searching for a more secure email server so I will be posting that up shortly. I also want to close this by saying, if I have not responded to you email, text, messages, etc it is not personal.

My mind is a bit scattered but it by no means is me intentionally ignoring any of you; all emails shall be responded to 🙂 Except hate mail. I am done with that, I don’t read it so please don’t waste your time. 🙂

Last but not least this is not me saying this blog is shutting down; far from it. I just want all readers who have stood by me to know I am trying my very hardest to balance it all and in time I hope to be able to have the career and more free time to spend on my blog.

So if you’ve stayed with me this long, thank you. Stay tuned, for lots more is to come, including a new book and other writings as well as videos. I will post here as I can, please don’t give up!

Help Fight Abortion Laws!! Urgent Post!

Repost- Please Pay ATTENTION & take a moment or two for the lives and health care of women and the right to women as well as their families being able to make their own CHOICES. – Read a brief summary and sign via twitter or facebook (or both!) by clicking here, or, if you prefer read below for more information.

Politicians in North Dakota are pushing a package of abortion restrictions, including the most extreme abortion ban in the country, which would outlaw abortion as early as 6 weeks! This would essentially ban nearly all abortion care in the state.

These bills are blatantly unconstitutional and are nothing more than an effort to close NAF member Red River Women’s Clinic, the state’s sole abortion provider.

Support Red River Women’s Clinic and tell North Dakota Governor Dalrymple to veto these attacks on abortion access!

Join NAF and thousands of activists across the country to produce a Thunderclap by Tuesday, March 19, at 3pm EDT.

Thunderclap is a tool that lets you and others share the same message at the same time together; spreading an idea through Facebook and Twitter that cannot be ignored. We need to register 1,000 supporters to Tweet a single simultaneous message by Tuesday, March 19, at 3pm EDT.

Click here to join our Thunderclap—it takes less than a minute to get involved.

Thank you for standing with NAF member Red River Women’s Clinic and women in North Dakota!


Vicki Saporta
President and CEO

P.S. NAF has partnered with a coalition of organizations, including the ACLU, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the National Women’s Law Center, and Planned Parenthood to fight North Dakota’s attack on women’s access to abortion by creating a Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you join the Thunderclap before 3pm EDT tomorrow!