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Truth About Pit Bulls & The Deception That’s Putting Them In Danger (P1)

It’s time! As noted in a previous post, there is one more addition to my activism now… So, besides Police Brutality, Prison, “War on Drugs”, etc I also will be writing about Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls in particular, trying to end the stigma. I want to warn anyone who is planning on reading this that it is full of facts, but I do apologize for the ending when I break out into a rant about the prison industry… But I can’t help it; they have the wrong people in, the wrong people are free to walk the streets; and dog fighting is still going on… Even more than that, though, is taking the blame and being used as the scapegoat are the innocent dogs.
pit bull lies truth facts
I can say with all honesty, nothing hurts my heart and soul more than seeing an innocent, defenseless or broken spirited soul either being hurt, previously hurt or fed up with living. I am extremely passionate about police brutality victims just as I am women who are verbally abused by zealots who ignore science and medicine (not to mention the concept of a woman having a life, or, giving a child a humane life). Those are only two issues that enrage me. Lies outrage me, and if you can handle reading the research, facts and statistics below, hopefully you’ll be just as out raged as I am.

Before we get into facts, let me introduce you to my Guardian… An escaped Pit Bull puppy, who was on her last legs when I found her. But I nursed her back to health, helped her overcome fears (see mini novel below and it’ll make sense) and now she is happy; not afraid to be an innocent, loved and semi spoiled dog; just as she should be. I am so anxious to get back home- she gives me a reason to smile, to wake up, to hope and laugh. She is a gift, and I love her, am grateful for her, more than I can say.

Note: Please ignore my doggy voice lmao (below)
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