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Abortion Won’t Go Away – Legal or Not… So…

It is very depressing for me to hear that the sickening Governor Rick Perry, TX, (R) has signed such an anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-medical and anti-health care bill. I have no doubt women will fight, I have no doubt the women of Texas will; but I also believe we as a people need to inform ourselves.
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Without Accessible and Affordable #Abortion Clinics, Women Are At a Great Risk.

So Anti, you care for human life, huh? I’ve read all kinds of arguments from it will kill women to it’s only about them taking women’s rights away to lies made about the medical process of an abortion.
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Please Join Tomorrow #ProChoice Advocates in Texas !

Prochoice Texans! Please come, location on map here

And if you need a ride to protest SB5 at TX senate, a rides hare group for TXLege here

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ACOG Stand Against Texas Bills Which Will NOT Help Women-

Science and medical practices support my beliefs- what reasoning do the anti’s have behind their argument?


The Attack on Abortion and Women Continues, Will Only Harm Women


So, let’s be honest; this isn’t about health care, this is about closing a great deal of abortion clinics and following the majority of anti’s religious beliefs, not on the healthcare of women nor on the rights of women.

Last night, Texas state Governor Rick Perry (R), a disgrace to any progression in women’s rights I believe, forced through SB5 which if passed by the House will close all but five abortion clinics in Texas. How is the closing of health clinics going to help better the health of women? Since he has proposed dozens (literally) of anti-choice bills and been denied them all, he forced SB5 to go through at a time and in a manner under which new procedural rules apply, leaving democrats; i.e., those blocking, at a major disadvantage.

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My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

I can’t believe the depths some people are willing to lower themselves in order to make others (in this case, women and also R__ survivors) feel like they are beneath them or lower than them. Tonight as I watch the tweets roll in regarding #SB5 and #HB60 for the rights of women in Texas to have choices I’ve seen some amazing, truly mind blowing things. Taking health care clinics down around the state of Texas, the second largest state in the U.S. is going to make things “safer for women”…no, not in any way, shape or form.

As I’ve noted before I do not regret my late-term abortion one bit. It was a hard choice for me simply because I would have liked to had a family but deep inside I know and knew then it was wrong; not just for me, but for the fetus as well. It would have been a crime to bring anyone into this world, and I couldn’t handle the pregnancy, anyhow. But that’s my business to be discussed another time, perhaps.

I know if I am to be a good journalist and writer I should refrain from calling names but I assure you, in this case “idiot” is the best and nicest name I can conjure up. This evening this idiotic anti posts tweets stating something of the like: (paraphrasing but this is pretty accurate:) Continue reading My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

Help Stop the Government’s Attempt at Mandatory Drug Tests & Privacy Invasion on Welfare Applicants

Received this update in an e-mail from the ACLU chapter in Texas… Check it out and do what you can, call, write, retweet…. People shouldn’t be punished by prison for drugs, much less like this. However, it is really the kids I am thinking about. Not only the adults, but teens and children will suffer. How can this bill be deemed good or acceptable by anyone with a conscience? Things continue to get more, and more, disgusting. The soulless and cold hearted “Governor Perry” honestly seems to know nothing when it comes to society and human beings. It is insulting to say that people who are poor should automatically be a suspect of drug abuse. And, even if the person is a user, they shouldn’t be prison bound…and they sure as hell shouldn’t have to be tested when applying for benefits for themselves and their family. This is all just insane. No one wins, too many will suffer even more than already… But there are a few who will not suffer…and it is these greedy, moral-less “politicians” along with a handful of other REAL criminals that all go hand in hand, really.

Forget them. We need to become more community orientated, and not just within communities that look like us, but ALL communities who suffer from the same punishing enemy; we need to unite. See below. As for me, I am going to go re-read Machiavelli’s “The Prince”.


A few months ago, we told you about Governor Perry’s mean-spirited call to drug test applicants for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), the program that provides short-term support for families with children while they get through tough times. Now a bill (SB 11) advancing that idea has been approved by the Texas Senate and is pending in the House.

Tell your legislator to stop stereotyping poor families — vote NO on SB 11.

The bill would divert TANF funds for a new purpose, paying for state-mandated invasions of privacy.

One of the most important limits on the power of government to intrude into our lives is the constitutional ban on unreasonable searches. The government cannot demand to search our persons, our belongings, or our homes whenever it wants.

Courts have routinely held that drug testing, when administered by the government, is an intrusive bodily search and therefore requires probable cause to believe a crime is being committed. Because the bill doesn’t require probable cause before testing it undermines this essential limit on the power of government.

We can’t solve the social issue of drug use and addiction by depriving the poorest families in our state of basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Tell Austin politicians that Texans still believe in limits on government power.

Texas Legislature Attack on Women & Abortion Rights… Stay Up To Date!

Important information for the women of Texas, and all who understand the importance of fighting to keep our individual rights, ours! SAFE abortion should be available for all women, always!
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What does the 83rd Texas Legislature hold for the future reproductive and sexual health of the state’s residents? RH Reality Check breaks down the good, bad, and ugly bills filed by state lawmakers this session. On tap: the potential shuttering of all but five Texas abortion clinics, a host of sexual education bills both progressive and regressive, and challenges to the rights of minors to access and consent to abortions.
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Texas Abortion Clinic’s and Women Needs Our Help!!

Another repost, but it’s VITAL! so please read! All the information needed is within this short article so please read and spread this!

Attack Bills Make Women’s Health A Political Weapon

March 14th, 2013

By Claudia Kolker
Communications Consultant

Bill filing time is up at the Legislature, and it’s exposed an arsenal of bills aimed at women’s health. The main weapon: TRAPs, or Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers. It’s easy to spot these bills. They’re medically unnecessary, and they single out abortion providers for intense, politically motivated regulations.

One TRAP bill would burden clinics with so many unneeded regulations that all but three or four clinics would likely close. The bill forces abortion clinics to meet higher, specialized regulatory standards designed for facilities that perform outpatient surgery.  These regulations have little to do with abortion. Instead, they’re meant control surgery variables such as anesthesiologists, laboratories, and radiology procedures. Again, there’s no medical or legal reason to apply these standards to abortion clinics. But if this bill passes, it endangers thousands of Texas women by closing the very facilities that could offer them safe, regulated health services. SB 1198

Sen. Dan Patrick’s proposed restriction on medication-based abortion is one of the worst. Doctors know non-surgical abortions, which use medication in the first weeks of pregnancy, are safe and affordable. Yet Patrick wants to force unneeded repeat appointments, only with one physician, on any Texas woman prescribed a medication-based abortion. There’s no medical reason for this government intervention. Abortions are intensely regulated and among the safest medical procedures performed in the United States. But then, this bill isn’t about protecting women’s health. It’s about promoting Dan Patrick. SB 97

Then there are the politicians who want to meddle directly in families’ most private decisions. A proposed ban would outlaw abortion in almost every case after 20 weeks –  in other words, before many women even know they are pregnant. That means a family with a tragic complication might not know about it in time to consult their doctor, or worse, be goaded into a hasty decision. The 20 week ban recklessly takes the most private health decisions from families and their doctors, handing it directly to Texas politicians. That’s not where our reproductive health decisions belong. SB 25