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White People: You’re Not a Victim of Racism

There are too many white people who think they are the victims, that try to make the Black community out to be the killers and thugs when in reality, statistics and facts and LIFE show that to not be true. History, shows us this too, with government programs such as the familiar Cointelpro. I’ve studied this for 14 years, and am going to organize some research to post shortly proving these racist morons wrong. It won’t change them. But at least I know I’m doing right. Stop abusing the sickening ‘white privilege’ you have and fight to ensure all people have privilege before going around harming other lives by far that are no where near less than yours.


Diabetic, Alabama Teenage Girl Beat & Arrested for Falling Asleep

I don’t know why this insanity isn’t painted on every damn television screen and on every radio station in America. Not just this case, but every single last case of police brutality, racism, sexism…especially when all of those things apply to KIDS- teens AND children. Maybe if it were plastered everywhere, every time it happened some form of REAL action would be taken against the cops and any one else who abuses their power!
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