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Coca Cola SuperBowl Commercial … America, the Beautiful.

My mind is blown over this. How anyone is offended is beyond me. I hadn’t seen it, until 5 minutes ago. There is such hate over it; “we speak English here” to target marketing… Where to begin? There isn’t much to flesh out on those who exploded with offense because the commercial shows a gay couple holding hands with their child or because “America the Beautiful” was sung by children in languages other than English. Their hate filled, narrow minded view of the world and sadly of America is what sets America behind in the world. The people featured on the commercial are the people I hope represent America, myself included.

The commercial celebrates what this country is SUPPOSED to be about; that is, freedom of expression, the right to love whom you love, regardless of gender or race; the right to decide what to believe religiously or spiritually; if you believe in anything. And if not, that’s fine- that is what America should be about. I know I wouldn’t want to be represented any other way. I’m proud of their (Coca Cola’s) choice in the commercial, whether or not they meant to ‘target’ or not- which takes me to my next rant.
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