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Rant About Women Being Portrayed As Sex Objects in the Media

Just a quick rant… I actually love video games- but I am getting sick and tired of how they portray women. There is a new game out which I was enjoying, it is called Wolf Among Us. Though this is no where near the only game that shows women as mindless, helpless sex objects, it disappointed me so badly to have these needless scenes appear.

I’m increasingly angry, disappointed and hurt that this is how women are portrayed and no one cares. In it comes a scene, which to me was far too lengthy, of a strip club where a woman is completely nude, skinny, big breasted…aka, fake but perfection. I’ve struggled with my body for along time and I do struggle with an eating disorder.

Of course an animated woman is bound to be fake, but still, it would help self esteem and remind women of our true worth- to remember we are not meat for men any more than we are their servants.

Going a bit personal, I struggle with anorexia and other off and on- and despite having done work as a photo-editor for these so called ‘perfect’ women, editing them into what society has deemed ‘perfection’ It hurts and enrages me because it seems all that women are good for in the eyes of these game makers. Additionally, it attempts to suggest that women are nothing but meat to be abused.

How often do you see men bouncing around nude in a video game, TV show or movie? It’s rare- yet women do it all the time and it sickens me. Not just the men but also the women who give in and agree to do it. Yes, I understand some women feel they have no choice and perhaps they don’t- I am not here to judge real life situations, I am speaking of how we are being portrayed, as if all of us are only able to obtain a life being a mans sex and domestic servant.

When it comes to media and entertainment, I fail greatly to see why a woman would agree to portray the servant to the male; showing each and every bit of herself…

Where is their self respect? Do they not realize their actions and false appearance DOES impact women in very unhealthy ways; not to mention the way in which it degrades us. It impacts the way too many men tend to think of us, it lets them think it is normal for women to be treated without respect or regard, it says it is okay for them to treat us as if we are below them.

And we are anything other than beneath them. We must remember this- we need to keep our self respect, our dignity and demand better treatment and keeping doing so until it is obtained.