In Honor of Malcolm X & An Ongoing Fight for Human Rights in America- video

Today in 1965 we lost a legendary man, body and soul, a true revolutionist whom fought for the bettering of humanity and against racist white hate crimes against the Black community without apology-as it should be; as we should all be. I’ve placed the video above for a reason; while countless speeches made by Malcolm X are sadly still true to today and how things are, in this video he poses the question I wonder every single day with growing frustration at my own lack of understanding as to the WHY others, in great numbers, aren’t asking what Malcolm so brilliantly asks, frames and explains in the video I’m about to post and urge you with all I am to watch.

What is happening in America must not be taken before an American court. Just as police should not be taken before their fellow police officers or other law enforcement and/or court/legal systems where they are known personally.

We see where doing both of those things gets us, and common sense should suggest that would happen anyway. So where do we go? As Malcolm X says we should instead take the issue of VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (not CIVIL but HUMAN RIGHTS) to a system larger; the UN, for example; nothing will ever change. And he has been proven right by time… So what are we waiting for? It is only 9 minutes and some spare seconds of your time: listen to what he says, honor him with at least that much, on the anniversary of his death, I ask you. Listen and think about what he says both for him then but also, look at how perfect that speech is to be given in America today, 2017. Video follows.

The best way
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Diabetic, Alabama Teenage Girl Beat & Arrested for Falling Asleep

I don’t know why this insanity isn’t painted on every damn television screen and on every radio station in America. Not just this case, but every single last case of police brutality, racism, sexism…especially when all of those things apply to KIDS- teens AND children. Maybe if it were plastered everywhere, every time it happened some form of REAL action would be taken against the cops and any one else who abuses their power!
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Police Called on 5 year old CHILD for Wearing “Wrong Color Shoes” to School- Not an Isolated Incident

Yes site still under construction for a few more days then I will be back with a new & improved site 😀 but, I had to repost this…

I don’t understand how society continues to say this kind of behavior on behalf of “adults” is okay. Some say, ‘Well, they are trying to help cut down on bullying’ or ‘violence’ or, ‘this color is a gang color so they are only trying to end gang culture’ or something equally as absurd- such as the article below.

Suspending, calling the cops, and other forms of demeaning and outcasting kids does not lead them or any of us towards a better future the majority of the time. It does the exact opposite.

Regardless, no child, especially a small child, should ever be able to say they’ve been arrested! This is so infuriating and frustrating because this isn’t a one time thing! Why is society so silent???
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In Mississippi, if kindergarteners violate the dress code or act out in class, they may end up in the back of a police car.

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