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My Hardest Choice: I Had an Abortion & Am Not Ashamed

(My story… May trigger- if you need to talk with someone about abortion…I’m not “trained” but please see info at end of this post.)
I am fed up with these anti-abortion bills. It is an attack on women and our rights. I am aware I’ll be getting hate mail and probably lose a lot of readers to this, but I don’t want readers who can’t understand and judge without being me on my blog, anyhow.

This is a very personal post so comments are strictly monitored; this is my first time telling my story and I am not giving details, I owe no one an explanation, but I will give enough to make my point. This is a summary of why I had a late term abortion in Texas, and why it saved my life. And my life may not mean anything, but this abortion gave me a chance to live while preventing a child from being brought into a situation no child should be in. I shudder to think of any woman being in my position if these horrible anti-abortion bills pass. I am not proud, but I am also NOT! ashamed. I had my abortion because me and the child deserved a better future that could not happen without an abortion.

please note: i say child because i do not know clinical terms and because this is my story, and how i felt. this does NOT mean i believe abortion is murder. this is my first time sharing this with public, so please excuse words incorrectly used or typos.

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