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My Breakdown Watching Netflix Documentary 13

After watching the trailer, and proceeding inward to the documentary “13” I made this. I just don’t understand after everything I say, and everything I show, not just in this video but in all the information available…. No matter your background, facts are facts. And if you have a soul Black, Hispanic, white…this DOES matter.

I was watching just the trailer for the movie or documentary 13 on Netflix (now watching the full documentary) but there’s one scene that sparked a memory that I’ve never shared anybody really yet one that I refer to quite often in my videos. This is the story of the man Who will forever be a part of my soul the man that I saw suffocated by the police when I was about 14 an innocent, black man with narcolepsy suffocated… But it doesn’t stop there.

Back then I used to have a little hope. Hope that if everyone knew about this kind of stuff that I was working with on a national level every day -both public stories and confidential cases, NATIONALLY- I honestly believed that there would be a revolution of some form if these images were being displayed on TVs if the truth was put out there by the media. You must remember I was 14-ish at that time and did not realize the media and the government or one for profit media is never going to show you the truth and you shouldn’t have to have anyone say anything though. Just watching the imagery & just hearing the stories you should be able to make up your own mind and clearly see the obvious this would not be tolerated if it was happening to white people as a majority like it is to the Black community.

I understand my story does not have anything to do with prison per se. But it does have something to do with slavery and racism and the oversee year a.k.a. officer.

Since Ferguson, What are Police Doing to Improve Safety?

Currently I am working on a complete history of the origins of police throughout every era and major racial law ‘change’, and have realized it’ll have to be done it videos like this. Though it’s not about the history, it’s insanely, insanely important information. This is what the law enforcement have been doing to “regulate” safety since Ferguson – … I will post links and quotes and all that stuff that I cite ASAP, but I wanted to post these videos first in hopes someone will share them and get the word out; we *HAVE* to create something better. We have to UNITE, and wake up, first.

First Video- I talk first for a few minutes about the risk in a cops job, based on their own and independent sources [it’s not the most dangerous job] and what the causes of these deaths last year were, and why it matters since violence against police has falling 15+%

Then, we get into police chief words….encouraging violence. And excuse my erm in ability to speak at a random point in the video.

Second video: As the first video was uploading, I couldn’t handle it so I carried on… Since, “A lot of cops are being too cautious because of what’s going on in the media.” – Police tell CNN. Due to this, of course, cops are being too hesitant to use force, and these training classes and literature to encourage not only to not be afraid to use force; but to do so and work about the consequences later. (See videos)

I will post links up and quotes I read from the police departments and Chiefs shortly.

Black Lives Matters- New Vid- Please don’t Give up

I apologize for the length, it’s bit of ‘personal’ video i guess, or how racism by cops has impacted me and still impacts me …. But it’s being said for a reason.

I’m ashamed to say that because of the ‘color’ and tone of my skin i am given a “pass go” card; i don’t want that shyt never have. But sadly that’s real. But that judgment they make right there on skin color proves racism against non-‘whites’ is -for lack of better words- STUPID, IMMATURE, SMALL MINDED BS. It’s NOT real nor true they just want people to think it is. Sadly too many do buy into mainstream media; my hope is though that some at least will open their eyes.
In this video I share the pain I’ve seen all my life, the pain that I still feel horrific grief over; and that’s Black children, family, friends, kids I worked with, etc,…. all sharing the same fear of COPS.
I end by asking anyone down to please hit me, I have an idea and work to prove it, I just need to find a group of real people to talk to… Please do…

Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Minneapolis…And…

Just to remind you guys, being delayed at an airport or on the highway is not something I consider to be a “huge risk” as some random, insane guy said after tweeting me some more intelligent lines prior that. If anyone can find any statistics that show sitting in a car on the highway, or, sitting on a plane or being held up in an airport for an hour or so is a danger to the lives of people?  Show me some statistics that prove this; show me anything that compares to the amount of Black  men and women who are killed and/or beaten daily for no reason whatsoever!

As I noted to him, the Black community is being targeted, men (and women) of all ages are DYING, being brutally killed by police who walk away without any form of punishment; in fact too many get a promotion or some other form of recognition.

Having to live your life, every day, worrying about the police; worrying about how you look, what you are doing, where your hands are, where your eyes are, is your seat belt on, and on and on and on I could go- but that’s not what this guy or too many other selfish souls want to think about. How dare their lives be put on hold for an hour or so regarding something they not only don’t understand but some of them have no desire to learn about.

I work with children, I have young Black children terrified of the cops; I have one child who is now house bound after Tamir Rice. He is 10. How would you comfort your precious child when you know the reality he is afraid of is real?

But the people who can’t see the struggle and the reasons behind this protest or any of the protests for that matter don’t have to deal with that. Either that, or they want to believe it, even though it’s right in front of their faces.

Intro to Environmental Racism Within the Black Community

WHEW… *Listening to Tupac, trying to breathe… Before I get on topic real quick I’ll catch those who care up…

Earlier today I made this video; however, I haven’t successfully slept in 2? or so days, so being sharp is failing me, then there was far too much drama happen; I just got back so, while I’ll be doing research and contacting people and etc, I’m going to have to postpone making the video tonight and instead say…

Let’s change it from today until I’ll have the first video in the “My Journey to Expose” this stealth attack and laws that are used on the poor but moreover on the Black communities.

Police murder people, especially Males, Females in the Black community out of racism and because they CAN. The FBI wanted to and I quote from a declassified doc written by Edgar Hoover…
(Paraphrasing).”..want to divide and conquer them (Black community) with drugs, guns “ and he continues to list methods. Some is marked out, but what is scary is the non-marked out parts we CAN see are blunt, racist and the projects were created and implamente by whites without a heart or sou;  those would be the FBI and CIA, whom base their racism both in recent past and currently on anything other than what the real problem is.

Whites are innocent, that’s all they know. That, and they admit they planted guns and cocaine in the Black community…but no one cared, we did nothing. Yet, the Black community is STILL hurting because of many whites lack of concern for other human beings, lack of care for humanity, lack of self confidence, their savage actions are based on cruelty, hate and fear.



Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

Sad reality… But WHY?!? … This is absolutely wrong not just morally but -and obviously- also wrong in regards to each description society puts on said “groups”. Prime example of what I was talking about in this post and video…

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Source: Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

Civil Forfeiture Laws… Legally Stealing From Innocent People…

Civil forfeiture laws… This is something every single person needs to be aware of. If you’ve never heard of it, in short it refers to “laws” which allow federal and state law officials and agents to seize millions of dollars annually from civilians during anything from a simple traffic stop to the officer stating they believe said money from the individual is connected to a criminal or illegal activity, even without any sort of charge sought. What’s more, this should be illegal way to obtain money is legal for these officers and agents under most federal law, and under most the laws in most states the officers or agents are allowed to keep most or all of the money and/or property seized.  But that is barely just scratching the surface of it.

According to the ACLU:
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NYPD Responds & Defends the Action of Racist Cop

Together, representatives from ACLU, the NAACP, and National Action Network called for the suspension of the NYPD “commander” recorded and caught on tape telling other officer to specifically target “male blacks 14 to 20, 21” for stop-and-frisks in the South Bronx.

The NYPD responded in a way which sadly is of no shock value to me. Spokesman Paul Browne responded with the following statement, one which shows the crisis NYC is in. Not just NYC, this is how 99% of cops are everywhere; I believe. He actually says what this “commander” did was what any good one should do! He see’s nothing wrong in the racist targeting behavior, probably because he himself lives by it. Anyhow, here is his response to the request of suspending the officer:
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