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Day of Rage for Mumia~9/7 — Moorbey’z Blog

No man in prison -especially in prison and not guilty of any crime other than wanting freedom and equality- should be allowed to be subjected to this type of torture. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that AmeriKKKa has been abusing and testing medical ‘theories’ on those in the Black community for hundreds of years. It’s past time it stopped; with the power and knowledge every one of you reading has, it’s time we use our knowledge and put this kind of shit to rest. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a good man who still speaks out with truth and knowledge; he is an innocent man and because he is relentless in the fight for truth the racist government is trying to silence him. This and all other acts of blatant racism in AmeriKKKa need to be taken to a global scale; Amerikkka needs to be held accountable for their cruelties and the only way we will ever see that day is when the racist system is taken before international courts. JUST AS MALCOLM X SAID!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Mumia Abu-Jamal has maintained his innocence for 35 years but the state is still trying to kill him, this time by refusing to treat him for Hepatitis C. Show your outrage in the streets on Wednesday, September 7: 11AM – Press conference outside the Philadelphia Health Center at S. Broad & Lombard – because hep c is […]

via Day of Rage for Mumia~9/7 — Moorbey’z Blog

Please Join Tomorrow #ProChoice Advocates in Texas !

Prochoice Texans! Please come, location on map here

And if you need a ride to protest SB5 at TX senate, a rides hare group for TXLege here

Check my twitter feed for updates-


Mothers Cry For Justice- NYC! Mark Ya Calendar- May 10, 2013

If you are able please come out and let them know we, the people, are fed up with police killings and police attacking, beating, framing, targeting, harassing ETC our communities and that we want at least some hope for a fair trial against the cops killing adults, teenagers, CHILDREN.

“If we want change we have to fight for it. Ain’t nobody gonna give it to us, we just gonna have to take it.” — Tupac Shakur…. The man who changed and saved my life… Lives on forever in our hearts and through his music and words…..


April 12, 2013 – VA Pro-Choice Join the Fight to Keep Abortion Clinics Open!

Repost! If you can make it or are in the area … Make sure you make it! This is the future, our future, women’s rights….we can’t let this slip. Repost & link:

Final Board of Health Vote on TRAP April 12th!

After two years of political pressure, behind-the-scenes bullying and back room deals, the Virginia Board of Health will make their final decision on TRAP regulations Friday, April 12th. Please join us at the meeting to stand for women’s health and make your voice heard on these dangerous and unnecessary regulations. We need you there! </strong> Continue reading April 12, 2013 – VA Pro-Choice Join the Fight to Keep Abortion Clinics Open!