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Young Girls Request for Father to Not Be Deported Rejected, Met With Applause – Video

How many bets these are all so called “pro life” and “anti abortion” fools? This is disgusting- and heart breaking. Poor little girl- but what a BRAVE girl- I am inspired by her. And I am even more outraged by these so called “humans”- they say they care about a fetus -which is not a child nor baby may I add-; but obviously they don’t care about treating children with love and kindness.

The description under the video reads,

Josie rose and took the mic, and in a trembling voice, said:

“Mr. Desjarlais, I have papers but my daddy doesn’t, what can you do to make sure he can stay?”

Rep. Desjarlais rebuked her request to a round of applause from the audience, but Josie and her family will keep on fighting to stop his deportation.

The video, under a minute long, follows. DISGUSTING.

The Term “Pro-Life” For Anti’s is Sickening- There’s Nothing Pro Life About Them

Wow- I just saw the “toys” of 12 week old fetuses these amazingly simple anti-choice people were handing out in North Dakota to children and I feel a great mixture of emotions; from disgust to pity to anger… Anger at their hypocrisy. They claim the title “pro-life” about them. They don’t care for the mother or her well-being much less her future. All of which, let us not forget, impacts the fetus to be infant to be child and the life it will have, massively. Continue reading The Term “Pro-Life” For Anti’s is Sickening- There’s Nothing Pro Life About Them

Senator Doesn’t Understand What Abortion Is; Claims It’s Simply “Convenient”

With all the work there is to do from privacy to racism to police brutality to (last but not least) abortion, at least there is no shortage in Anti’s willing and eager to display their lack of intelligence as will be shown below. In addition, they also just as plainly show us their lack of empathy and compassion towards women.
Continue reading Senator Doesn’t Understand What Abortion Is; Claims It’s Simply “Convenient”

Had to Make this Quick Video on Sex and Abortion, At All Ages…

I will say this hilarious comment I received (photo below from “miss”) made it to where I could not resist one final, and quick, response.
so… just this once…

These people don’t understand what it is to suffer- they can call names, they can claim they were forced into abortion thus why they hate it so much… but what about those who are forced to have a child they will not be able to love or raise properly? These sort of people make me laugh, but only because they prove my point so well.
They are not worthy of listening to, please never let one word that comes from them hurt you or make you second guess yourself. The only time name calling comes into play is when they have no real argument of their own. Sex doesn’t make you a slut, abortion doesn’t make you a killer. Regardless of age.
And all who view this; please let the ignorance they show themselves in comments like the one I speak of here, please let this remind you- they know nothing – not about you, not about … anything worthwhile in my eyes. Think for yourself, and stay away from those who aim to harm you for no other reason than, they disagree with you. Be proud…

Relief, Not Regret, From Late Term Abortion- Women, Trust Yourself.

Another video regarding “emotions” and my abortion, made in hopes that some other woman will hear it and remember… Only you know what you can or cannot handle…

Listen to yourself… This is just a video that touches on my feelings when it comes to how it feels after an abortion.

While no one woman will feel the same, it is relief that I feel…not regret. Relief because I know it would have been much more cruel to bring a child into a world under circumstances such as this. No, it wasn’t the wrong choice. And though I was pressured by some to go through with it, that I’d be fine, I knew in the end I wouldn’t be and I am blessed enough to have an amazing sister and mother who could see that, too.

I hope my words (even if I have a bit of issues talking today lol sorry about that :-\) will reach one woman and remind her that only she knows the answer; and if that answer is abortion… there is nothing wrong with that nor does it make her any less than good.

I also ask a few questions to you anti choicer’s …but I don’t expect any real answers because as of yet, it has been the people who wouldn’t have an abortion themselves  BUT still believe each woman should make their own choice, those are the only people I’ve had any real feedback from. I appreciate that feedback, and it is people who can not agree with something being right for them, but still understand it may be right for others, that makes me believe there may still be some hope for the world.

Heartbroken For Women Needing Medical Abortions Being Faced With a World of Lies

good.women.have.abortionsI feel so sad for all the women in need of abortion… I have been one of them (and who is to say how many times? why should it matter?)- Thankfully I had mine a few months before Texas went even more crazy. On my YouTube channel I have the most insane comments that just make me shake my head and leave me at a loss as to what to say in response. Speaking to anti’s is like speaking to a cracked wall. But more on that later.
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Few Answers to Anti Comments on my Abortion Video :-)

Things have been so busy lately it wasn’t until tonight I checked my YouTube account and found some surprise comments on my abortion video (see below)

I received some very kind messages and comments, as well as ones that made me feel as if maybe I can make a difference sharing my story; the number of people doesn’t matter. To the people who are kind and interested, I owe so many thanks to.

Of course, I got plenty of hate comments too from “Anti’s” – I didn’t read them, have no intention to, I deleted them but I did skim over enough to see some of what they asked so I’m going to give yet another brief post about why having an abortion is not evil, for those who have very thick heads. Let’s begin!
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My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

I can’t believe the depths some people are willing to lower themselves in order to make others (in this case, women and also R__ survivors) feel like they are beneath them or lower than them. Tonight as I watch the tweets roll in regarding #SB5 and #HB60 for the rights of women in Texas to have choices I’ve seen some amazing, truly mind blowing things. Taking health care clinics down around the state of Texas, the second largest state in the U.S. is going to make things “safer for women”…no, not in any way, shape or form.

As I’ve noted before I do not regret my late-term abortion one bit. It was a hard choice for me simply because I would have liked to had a family but deep inside I know and knew then it was wrong; not just for me, but for the fetus as well. It would have been a crime to bring anyone into this world, and I couldn’t handle the pregnancy, anyhow. But that’s my business to be discussed another time, perhaps.

I know if I am to be a good journalist and writer I should refrain from calling names but I assure you, in this case “idiot” is the best and nicest name I can conjure up. This evening this idiotic anti posts tweets stating something of the like: (paraphrasing but this is pretty accurate:) Continue reading My Rant on Pro-Choice & Pro-Abortion Proceedings…

Don’t Let Anyone-including me- Influence YOUR CHOICE -Abortion Post & Video

Inspired by yet another fun tweet today 🙂 These anti-choice and anti-life people make me laugh. Normally, I have no time for them, but every once in awhile I find someone’s effort funny and…well, I usually end up with a video after lol.

I show a bit of my ADHD in this video but ride out the storm with me as I do have points. As noted among other things, I will be adding more resources to my abortion page for women who have or are having or wanting an abortion… AND I will be putting in a religious section **gasp**!

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Wonderful Article Written by Former #Abortion Hotline Counselor & Why Abortion Should Be Safe, Accessible and Legal

Um ok i went and made a video about this article….and then somehow it didn’t post >.< Ahhh well lol here is the article I've been ranting about:
********££ Following my intro lol is a brilliant article for all, but especially the anti-choice. Surely, in reading things like this, in hearing women's stories, of seeing lives saved by abortion, surely they can see how abortion is pro-life! Even if this simply means a woman gets her life back so she can finish school, or whether it means literally…

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