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Insane Abortion Ban in North Dakota Threatens Virtually the Entire State; As Well as Women & Doctors.

Sadly and alarmingly Arkansas’ no longer is number one for having the strictest abortion law (proposed) in America. Worryingly, two anti-abortion bills have passed the State Senate in North Dakota today (Friday). If passed, it would be the first law of its kind in America, banning almost all abortions state wide. One of the proposed bills, for example, would refuse a woman the right to chose whether to have an abortion or not as soon as a “fetal heartbeat” is detected (this can be as early as 6 weeks). I encourage you strongly to click the link regarding “fetal heartbeat” for scientific facts regarding what it is, and why/how those who are anti-choice manipulate and abuse this term. An example on another ban proposed regarding abortions is if there are fetal abnormalities.

There is a lot of argument on this, a person with Down Syndrome is no less of a person without it; but! it is a disability and disadvantage. If a mother and father or a mother doesn’t want to put their child through the obstacles ahead or if they feel they are not ready (when I say they, I mean the woman ultimately as it is HER body and women DO have a special connection with what grows inside us-) then that is that person or couples business to decide; NOT the government and not any religious organization. They have the right NOT to choice. We should be allowed the right TO chose what is best for us, and for our children.
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States At Risk of Banning Abortion

Obviously, I am pro-choice, again copy and pasting from another site. Sorry, I will be able to write proper posts of my own again soon.

Which states have or are considering abortion bans that put women’s health at risk? Check out this map & learn more here –> http://nar.al/abbans


Arkansas Law Becoming More & More Anti-Choice, Anti-Women Rights

First, I am extremely pro-choice. Foolish people can say abortion is murder, they can say it is morally wrong, they can say whatever they want. Ladies, don’t listen to their lies. Until they’ve walked in someone else shoes they have no right to judge. Abortion’s save lives; the lives of MOTHER’S. There are many reasons I support abortion. For example, I am against adoption for my own personal reasons which I will write about one day, but people should have the right to make the choice for adoption, but if they, like me, can’t or do not want to chose adoption, abortion should be just as easily available to save the WOMAN’S life. Abortion isn’t an easy choice to make, no. But that does not mean it is the WRONG choice. Actually, sometimes the right choice is the HARDEST choice to make. But strong women make it and go through it, while being harassed by insane right wing…. anyway on to the news!

Yesterday, March 6th, the state legislature in Arkansas overrode the governor’s veto on a so called “fetal heartbeat” abortion bill. This makes Arkansas the state with the most strict laws against abortion in America.This anti-choice, anti-woman law makes it illegal to have an abortion after 12 weeks.

“If the State is interested in protecting fetal life after viability, it may go so far as to proscribe abortion during that period, except when it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother,” reads the milestone decision in Roe V Wade, 1973.

The Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, had previously vetoed this bill earlier in the week because, as he said,
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