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My Breakdown Watching Netflix Documentary 13

After watching the trailer, and proceeding inward to the documentary “13” I made this. I just don’t understand after everything I say, and everything I show, not just in this video but in all the information available…. No matter your background, facts are facts. And if you have a soul Black, Hispanic, white…this DOES matter.

I was watching just the trailer for the movie or documentary 13 on Netflix (now watching the full documentary) but there’s one scene that sparked a memory that I’ve never shared anybody really yet one that I refer to quite often in my videos. This is the story of the man Who will forever be a part of my soul the man that I saw suffocated by the police when I was about 14 an innocent, black man with narcolepsy suffocated… But it doesn’t stop there.

Back then I used to have a little hope. Hope that if everyone knew about this kind of stuff that I was working with on a national level every day -both public stories and confidential cases, NATIONALLY- I honestly believed that there would be a revolution of some form if these images were being displayed on TVs if the truth was put out there by the media. You must remember I was 14-ish at that time and did not realize the media and the government or one for profit media is never going to show you the truth and you shouldn’t have to have anyone say anything though. Just watching the imagery & just hearing the stories you should be able to make up your own mind and clearly see the obvious this would not be tolerated if it was happening to white people as a majority like it is to the Black community.

I understand my story does not have anything to do with prison per se. But it does have something to do with slavery and racism and the oversee year a.k.a. officer.

Please Help- People are Tortured in American Prisons for Things Such As, Reading “The Prince”

Isolated for decades – solitary confinement is like “living death”. Help end this horrible practice ->  click here to sign the petition, which is almost at it’s goal; let’s try to make it way higher than the goal target…

A reminder…
Not all people in prison are guilty of horrific crimes… In fact, most aren’t. Murderers, pedophiles and rapists don’t make up the majority of our prisons. Point of me saying that is, if people say they are “put off” signing this because people in prison should “all rot” they are mistaken GREATLY.

Not even including the innocent souls in prison, it seems people also tend to leave out those who Continue reading Please Help- People are Tortured in American Prisons for Things Such As, Reading “The Prince”

Some States Drop GED & FOR-Profit Testing has Arrived

The GED has been a service provided by a non-profit General Educational Development program. But in 2014, that will change. GED has been bought out by a FOR-profit company known as Pearson Vue Testing. Does this matter? YES!

States that don’t adopt the new test may adopt their own which, depending on the state and test, could be better or worse for the people. As for the new test, while the next two years go by, the GED program will not only become harder to pass due to harder content…especially in the area of math. It also will also cost more than the current amount, and, Continue reading Some States Drop GED & FOR-Profit Testing has Arrived