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Police Beating, Abusing, Killing Anyone They Please; Children to Seniors, With No Accountability

What happened to respecting our elders? What happened to the village raising us and each soul giving kindness and basic respect to all beings; especially children and the elderly. I have cases I need to share regarding how the police treat elderly; for walking too slow, driving too slow, shaking a cane and throwing his shoe got one 95 year old man murdered because he didn’t want to go to the hospital, while a blind and deaf woman was beaten by police who are still cops to this day because she didn’t come out when the cops called her.

They then sprayed her with pepper spray, her mother came out with water in tupperware to wash her daughters eyes out; but she wasn’t allowed to move. Why? The cops demanded that, THE WATER WAS A WEAPON. …. They beat her daughter whom I believe was in her 70s until her glass eye fell out all because she couldn’t hear.

And no cops are held accountable. I need to get on my YouTube videos (I’ve been away for awhile, but now that I’m back I’ll make sure to get on it) I NEED to do this for these people that haven’t gotten much attention due to their cases being before social media. Their voices will be heard; I will see to it….

Below is yet another cop abusing and disrespecting an elderly man. What honor and how proud he must be. What a real man, huh? Just as it takes a real man to abuse kids, women and unarmed men. Even armed men; again I can’t say enough, in the UK the cops don’t have guns but still took down a man with an AK47 without using excessive force, after chasing him around downtown London. Had that been here, the man would have been shot as well as a few bystanders, thanks to our trigger happy, “I could use a paid vacation” police officers. DISGUSTING!

Police: Argument Over Nutella Waffle Sample Ends With Man Punching 78-Year-Old

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) – A 24-year-old man has been charged with elder abuse after authorities say he punched a 78-year-old man over free Nutella waffle samples at a Los Angeles-area Cost

Prosecutors say Derrick Gharabighi, of Burbank, was charged Tuesday.

They say he was hoarding samples of the waffles at the Burbank Costco on Sunday morning when the 78-year-old told him to take just one.

Prosecutors say Gharabighi then punched the older man in the face.

Police say the senior citizen was hospitalized with a 1-inch cut and swelling above his eye.

Gharabighi is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. No phone listing could be located for him and no information was available about an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

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