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Omaha, NE Police Abusing Their Power and Two Young Men…Caught on Video.

Full of rage; that’s all I know to say I am. There are countless cases of police brutality DAILY… Here is just one.

This is one more reason I believe it is every citizen’s duty to keep their cell phone camera ready, especially when around cops. Filming cops is a duty, I believe….this is horrible… But sadly, even with this, the likelihood of the police being found at fault is slim. Look at the vast majority of previous cases if you disagree. I have put the video zoomed in, (it is a shorter version) below.  For the full length video, please scroll down. Also, let us not forget Octavius’ aunt, who also is abused when a cop flips her and her wheelchair over, leaving the chair on top of her.

All of this over a car and expired tags, and misdemeanors….And profiling.

ALSO no matter how many arrests or charges in the past a person has had, that does NOT justify abuse nor targeting, especially when they are misdemeanors! I can’t stand how the media tries to justify cops misconduct!

I have copy and pasted the original article (cited below)… They said it all perfectly except I don’t like that they don’t show more anger towards the situation. But anyhow; the police department can say they are going to get to the bottom of this and make sure they know what happened all they want; but until they do the right thing by finding these abusers guilty, it is just talk, like every other police department.

But maybe I am missing something. Maybe Omaha is special and will show the rest of America what to do with coppers like these disgusting excuses …

“To not feel safe, you can’t call the police because you’re worried about an assault from the police, but you know there will never be any consequences or repercussions.”  “

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer responded during a news conference Saturday afternoon to allegations officers used excessive force during two arrests Thursday that was videotaped and posted on YouTube. (see below)
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