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Severely Disabled Man At Imminent Risk of Losing Home

This breaks my heart. I am aware most of my posts are negative and all break my heart which means they all send fire through me to make sure I do anything I can to help. I hope it does you, too. Real news is what we need to know about and then take some form of action against or to help raise awareness. Truth is usually not easy to read or hear, but it’s vital if we are to come together and SURVIVE.

For over 20 years Mr. Jones was a teacher in Detroit until 2005, when he suffered a traumatic brain injury and has since become severely disabled. While waiting for his pension to be processed, and for Social Security to come through, he fell behind on his mortgage payments and now is in IMMEDIATE AND URGENT DANGER OF BEING EVICTED. He personally wrote a letter to Wells Fargo explaining his situation and also had a phone conference with them to discuss a loan.

Many organizations against foreclosures and evictions are asking for any and all help in helping a disabled man by the name of S. Baxter Jones, keep his home and avoid eviction.  He has already had so much taken; why must they aim for his HOME?

And it is not as if Mr. Jones hasn’t tried. Wells Fargo refused to work with him and went ahead with the foreclosure despite the fact that Jones had finally begun to get his Social Security benefits. And to show just how much the government doesn’t care, here is a depressing but telling fact I read in an article regarding this situation on workers.org :

He faces imminent eviction from his home, where he has lived since 2002 in Jackson, Mich. What makes this even more outrageous is that Mr. Jones’ loan was sold to Fannie Mae, which has been taken over by the federal government.

“That means our tax dollars are being used to throw this disabled former school teacher into the street.”

To see a video describing this outrage go to tinyurl.com/colqvd8.

Not only does it mean tax payers are paying to throw him out, it also means while they were waiting for their “precious” mortgage payments, the same government which took over those demanding the money, was taking its time, not concerned by the fact that their long process to receive benefits could extremely impact a persons life! It’s all a stupid, heartless cycle, isn’t it? A home should be a basic human right. And if they won’t give us that, they should at least give people who need it, help immediately so they don’t risk everything being lost due to the government’s lack of care.

Detroit Eviction Defense and the Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs are asking for support to help S. Baxter Jones. Let’s join them and make that a reality!!!!

Call them and tell them to leave this man who has suffered enough ALONE! If they want the money so bad, he has informed them he can pay.

“When calling, refer to Loan# 025 301 6042 for address 8789 Rexford Road, Jackson, MI 49201; contact phone numbers: Fannie Mae Chicago Office: 312-368-6200; Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 866-442-8572; Wells Fargo Office of Executive Complaint: 800-853-8516. “

and you can show your support via the post from Occupy Our Homes by clicking HERE.