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NYPD Responds & Defends the Action of Racist Cop

Together, representatives from ACLU, the NAACP, and National Action Network called for the suspension of the NYPD “commander” recorded and caught on tape telling other officer to specifically target “male blacks 14 to 20, 21” for stop-and-frisks in the South Bronx.

The NYPD responded in a way which sadly is of no shock value to me. Spokesman Paul Browne responded with the following statement, one which shows the crisis NYC is in. Not just NYC, this is how 99% of cops are everywhere; I believe. He actually says what this “commander” did was what any good one should do! He see’s nothing wrong in the racist targeting behavior, probably because he himself lives by it. Anyhow, here is his response to the request of suspending the officer:
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NYPD Humilate and Terrify Teenagers Walking Home From Bus Stop

I wish I had the time to write this one because there are a lot of things I would like to mention. I may do an edit later today but for now I must just do a quick repost from the Huffington Post by COLLEEN LONG… Just as with women’s rights, we need to be devoted and fighting for a better life and future, fighting for our basic rights regarding everything from abortion to enraging police brutality which kills, mangles and damages people daily in America. Racism is very much still alive in America, it just goes by a new name.

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NEW YORK — Devin Almonor, the teenage son of a former police officer, said he was thrown against an unmarked car and temporarily handcuffed walking home from a bus stop. Medical student David Floyd was frisked by officers outside of his apartment as he helped a neighbor locked out of his home.

For both, the experience was humiliating and frightening. They also say it was illegal, because they believe they were stopped because of their race. Both are black.

“I am not a criminal. I did not commit any criminal acts,” said Floyd, who testified along with Almonor at the opening of a federal trial.

Testimony continued Tuesday in the case that challenges the constitutionality of some encounters under the controversial law enforcement tactic of stopping, questioning and frisking New Yorkers on the street.
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