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16 Year Old Forced Before Anti-Choice Judge; Forced into Pregnancy – ACT NOW!

I haven’t been on here or keeping my word regarding videos on here for awhile… A lot has happened but all that will soon be revealed; please hang in there and thank you to all the readers I have who put up with these bouts of … dryness.

This makes absolutely no sense; I do not understand first of all why anyone should have to go before the legal system to access medical care in the first place! No one has the right to tell a woman, especially a child (and a teenager is technically a child; far too young to be a mother), that she HAS to keep the pregnancy. That is just as bad as saying she HAS to abort. This girl lives in a foster home and probably knows the horrors that go on, and does not wish that upon her child- just as I didn’t and still wouldn’t wish it upon any child. (a fetus is not a child, I am speaking after birth).

She should have the right to make her own choice, not some religious nut with no regard for REAL human life. Judge Bataillon sounds like a typical “christian” person in a position of power… Why and how can we allow this?! We can’t… Stand up for our rights!! In any way…

Below is her story and a link, please sign and share…

A 16-year-old woman living in foster care in Nebraska was forced to go before an anti-choice judge to get permission for a legal abortion — and was denied.

Judge Peter Bataillon — who has a long history of anti-choice activism such as helping Operation Rescue protesters beat criminal charges and running a Right to Life group in Omaha — asked Emily* if she knew that “when you have the abortion it’s going to kill the child inside you.” Then he ruled against her on the grounds of insufficient maturity.

It was clear from the moment that Emily pled her case that Judge Bataillon had no intention of giving her a fair trial. We’ve filed a petition demanding a state investigation into whether he has ruled impartially on this and other abortion-related cases. Will you join us?

If you agree that Judge Bataillon sounds like he’s still reliving his days of defending Operation Rescue activists against stalking charges or can’t forget the time he spent as president of his local Right To Life organization, sign the petition now demanding a review of his qualifications for office.

* Not her real name

Click here for more and to go to the petition.

Omaha, NE Police Abusing Their Power and Two Young Men…Caught on Video.

Full of rage; that’s all I know to say I am. There are countless cases of police brutality DAILY… Here is just one.

This is one more reason I believe it is every citizen’s duty to keep their cell phone camera ready, especially when around cops. Filming cops is a duty, I believe….this is horrible… But sadly, even with this, the likelihood of the police being found at fault is slim. Look at the vast majority of previous cases if you disagree. I have put the video zoomed in, (it is a shorter version) below.  For the full length video, please scroll down. Also, let us not forget Octavius’ aunt, who also is abused when a cop flips her and her wheelchair over, leaving the chair on top of her.

All of this over a car and expired tags, and misdemeanors….And profiling.

ALSO no matter how many arrests or charges in the past a person has had, that does NOT justify abuse nor targeting, especially when they are misdemeanors! I can’t stand how the media tries to justify cops misconduct!

I have copy and pasted the original article (cited below)… They said it all perfectly except I don’t like that they don’t show more anger towards the situation. But anyhow; the police department can say they are going to get to the bottom of this and make sure they know what happened all they want; but until they do the right thing by finding these abusers guilty, it is just talk, like every other police department.

But maybe I am missing something. Maybe Omaha is special and will show the rest of America what to do with coppers like these disgusting excuses …

“To not feel safe, you can’t call the police because you’re worried about an assault from the police, but you know there will never be any consequences or repercussions.”  “

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer responded during a news conference Saturday afternoon to allegations officers used excessive force during two arrests Thursday that was videotaped and posted on YouTube. (see below)
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