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Elderly Murdered by Police

All of the senseless killing leaves me feeling more than sick… Ugh. These instances sadly are not rare- example (and this is sadly not the only I have nor the sickest, if possible): A few years back an elderly man whom took his wife in a local nursing home cupcakes and lunch every day was pulled over, beaten and arrested for not getting out of his car fast enough. In this instance the cop tossed the food this man made his wife onto the street, verbally harassing him as well. All was recorded by the police car, nothing was done to the cop despite the recorded, unwarranted abuse given.

Police at the end of May in Fort Worth, Texas, cops blame “bad lighting” as they’re reason they went to the wrong house after being called to house number 409- not 404, which is where they headed instead (uh, flashlights?)

This “mistake” (I prefer to call it what it was: negligence and carelessness) ended fatally.

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A Father EVERYONE Should Remember- Murdered for Caring about His Child

I’m furious this man has not made international news; I’m furious that his killer is free, and I’m outraged that people have the audacity to say police brutality and the like are not something worth rioting over?? Continue reading A Father EVERYONE Should Remember- Murdered for Caring about His Child

Status of Police Whom Murdered 7 Year Old Aiyana in Detroit …

Aiyana_JonesIn the past I wrote a post about young Aiyana Stanley-Jones, 7, and the horrific murder she endured at the hands of police officers who raided the wrong apartment. Even though a neighbor had warned the team that children were inside the apartment they planned on raiding, the police carried on with their MP5 sub-machine guns and stun grenades.

Aiyana had just fallen asleep in the living room of her grandmother’s house in Detroit when they began their attack, ending with the loss of a 7 year old child’s life by an officer’s gun. The trial against the cops who murdered the child is ongoing, words cannot describe the disgust I feel more and more each day towards cops.

One thing I must note is what one cop said in trial that puts my anger over the top. When the prosecution asked if knowing children were in the apartment (as they of course deny knowing even though a neighbor testified they in fact did know) would have changed their tactic, he said probably not, showing the care for children as well as risking the life of 7 year old Aiyana isn’t something he considers important. Child and human safety is not vital to him; knowing this, how can anyone expect me or anyone else to respect and trust cops?

If we must have cops then we need a better system than this. But we never will have it, for the system is corrupt from the top officials to the lowest.

Below is an article written by Corey Williams, link and such follow.


Beneath a multi-colored quilt of Disney cartoon characters, 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones lay peacefully on the living room couch of her grandmother’s first-floor flat on Detroit’s east side.

Mertilla Jones lay at the other end, having recently put the girl to sleep.

Within seconds – maybe as few as three – a stun grenade smashed through a window, exploding over the couch. Armed, black-clad and masked police officers swarmed into the living room and, moments later, Aiyana lay bleeding to death with a gunshot wound to her head.

“As soon as they came in, their guns were just pointing right there, and he pulled the trigger,” Aiyana’s grandmother, Mertilla Jones said Monday of Joseph Weekley during the Detroit police officer’s involuntary manslaughter trial in Wayne County Circuit Court. Continue reading Status of Police Whom Murdered 7 Year Old Aiyana in Detroit …

Sick Florida Cop Fired for Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets…

It’s been reported a cop in Florida has actually been fired (for once) over having “Trayvon Martin shooting targets.” … Wow. I hope he is monitored and society makes sure he is never re-hired as a pig or anyone in a position of authority… He also should be watched, I believe, because anyone this sick is showing some serious signs of an illness that poses a danger to society.  Only question I have is if there are two other cops that were in on this, why the hell are they not fired also? Will they rehire this racist later? … Keep ya eye’s open…
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 A Florida police officer was fired for having Trayvon Martin shooting targets , according to CNN.

Sgt. Ron King of Port Canaveral Police Department was permanently relieved from duty after an investigation revealed that King offered the Trayvon Martin hoodie range targets to two of his fellow officers. Continue reading Sick Florida Cop Fired for Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets…