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Maryland Police Officer Caught on Camera Beating Handcuffed Man (VIDEO)

Though it is vital for us to continue to film police treating people worse than even animals would treat us, it is discouraging to see videos like this, or videos which show obvious murder of innocent people (including teens) only to see the cops get a paid vacation before being returning to work as usual.

I’m not meaning to be negative. It is essential to record police for many reasons; I just wish these videos showing police misconduct and brutality were given used to hold cops accountable for their inhumane actions. I don’t care what the person has or has not done; there is no justifying the actions of beating, killing or anything of the like to a citizen. It only makes it that much tragic and detestable knowing this young man was not only handcuffed but also had done nothing wrong. Even if he had this behavior is uncalled for he was no threat to any,

Again, please keep recording the cops in action… One day I believe these videos and the sick officers behind these killings, harassment and/or beatings (especially those who can’t fight back. Even if they could fight back, though, more than likely no one will -which only further shows the injustice in America’s legal system.

The Fifth Column


In a shocking video uploaded to Twitter on Saturday evening, a handcuffed black man is seen being viciously assaulted by a Prince George’s County officer in Hyattsville, Maryland.

The video was tweeted in four parts around 6:15 p.m, by Twitter user @yungthugrat, who asked to be identified by his first name, Prince.

As the car rolls up and Prince begins filming, the man is seen lying on the ground as the officer straddles him and and punches him in the face, while he is handcuffed.  A woman in the vehicle with Prince notes that the man is bleeding.

In the next segment, the young man is flipped over on…

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7 Year Old in Baltimore Suspended Over a Pop Tart- Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Heard in Some Time

7 Year old Josh Welch
Precious 7 Year old Josh Welch

Wow we are becoming an insane and tyrant style nation-and fast. I can’t believe the stupidity of what I am about to write regarding the cute little boy above who has done NOTHING wrong.

First I want you to stop and think: how many of you guys played with toy guns as kids? A great deal of us, especially little boys, play with toy guns. At least in America. Next quick point: teachers, especially of children in 2nd grade, are supposed to be trained to teach, to handle children in need, to be a friend and helper; not an over-reacting, utterly useless leader and a horrible example of adulthood.  What happened?
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