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IMPORTANT! Grenfell Tower TRAGEDY; London, Please Read!!

I can’t believe my eyes. They tell these people to sit and “stay put”… I don’t care what country you are in, you need to watch this, you need to read this, and you need to protest this. This could have been prevented; these people could still be here!!!! Between a ghetto alarm system, people telling them to stay put, the sign in their “flats” (see below)…. I am speechless. These people should not be dead. To all of you in the states with me; this could be OUR projects; don’t turn your back on other humans simply because of location, or any other pointless BS! DO SOMETHING! Like the man in THIS video… we need to UNITE. If you wanna see what REAL men do, click here. If you can’t even spare a few minutes for this, you need to get off my page.  


stay put fire sign london

And, to all the victims of the -COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED- horrific fire in the London apartment / flat building…. my heart and soul is with you all…. bless souls like this man…. and my god wtf is wrong that the gov or SOMEONE didn’t have a better plan in place than to “stay put” X( ….. im shedding tears, how can anyone turn away and ignore this ???? …. im heartbroken for every last victim…. i wish i could say more…. we need more men like this though…. do what’s RIGHT,!!! we need more selfless, good men… sending all my love to you guys in London…

Click here to sign this petition to ensure that this tragedy which could have been prevented!!!! never happens again!

First of Many… Outrage over Police Brutality. Want to be Pro-Life? Help Stop Police Killing and Abusing the People!!

Too often people ask me why I am so outraged when cops use excessive force or kill (yes, seriously asked this more than once) when they have, “such stress and work such a dangerous job!”– My response to that is one of two things. First, police don’t have the most “dangerous job” you can read my research article on that HERE. Secondly, when you go to become a police officer you know the job is going to be a little stressful at times and probably will make you nervous. Based on that common sense my logic is, it’s your own fault -not the victims fault- if you commit a crime against them because you are nervous.  So, if you are jumpy and trigger happy, why the hell are you a cop? If you are, it is your OWN fault. Of course you are stressed- IT’S HOW YOU HANDLE THE STRESS THAT MATTERS!

As I prove with FACTS below, believe it or not, there are some cops who aren’t power hungry, who don’t go out and beat, harass and kill for the sake of it. Additionally, there are police officers in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, who can arrest a person who actually is armed without killing or shooting him!

So why are the vast majority of American cops allowed to behave like animals when it is very obvious another way is possible? Even if there were no cops who understood this non-violent concept, there is no justification for violent behavior we see going on, especially in America.

The correct, morally just and humane way of patrolling is to do so non-violently and if you do behave violently you should be held to a higher standard than the rest of society. You’ve made an oath to society, one which currently you spit on. But that oath you made to serve and protect should mean if you do anything less, you are punished for your actions.

To serve and protect…; no where does it say to abuse and kill. Yet that is what too many American cops do, and what is worse… they usually get away with their crimes, sometimes they are even REWARDED…

I’m not in shock by all the horrors occurring by the police against innocent, undeserving people. I’ve worked in this field far too long to be surprised by anything like that, however, it still causes massive outrage and anger. It also has led me to wonder, if anti’s are so “pro-life” (which they aren’t but, IF) why are they fighting not only against women’s rights but ignoring the death being inflicted upon innocent PEOPLE- children are included in this. Children, not fetuses. An infant being abused matters, a child killed or beaten by police matters- but a woman going and making a choice of whether to remain pregnant or not, is (should be) no one’s concern other than her own!

(And oh yes, kids are killed in America by cops- it happens TOO OFTEN. Go through my blog or click here and simply scroll down, click next, look through them…And look at how many of the articles are about kids under 17 years old. Sadly, tragically, these are NOT even a fraction of all the murders and beatings happening not only to adults but to children as well.)

Adults matter just as much- and the frequency in which people are being beaten and killed by the cops -innocent people; unarmed people.

Note: Even if the person were guilty, police should be trained to Continue reading First of Many… Outrage over Police Brutality. Want to be Pro-Life? Help Stop Police Killing and Abusing the People!!

American Police…Try Following This UK Officer’s Example

I normally am not impressed by cops, there was the cop in California who saved countless people from jumping to their death off of the Golden Gate Bridge– to me he’s a cop worthy of respect- at least, from what I know. Check out that link, it is actually very inspiring.

And though I know police in England are not saints and do far more than their share of abuse; I must say if American cops responded like cops in London did today, this would be a far safer country. (Police are the biggest gang we have here in America, if you ask me. That’s sad and scary. Anyhow-)

Americans, can you imagine a cop here doing this? Because I cannot. If cops responded like the cops in London did today, hell, even if they only treated the unarmed like this… but an armed person!? 
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Abortion Dr. Tiller-LONDON- Screening & ScreenTalk-July 6- East End Film Festival

If you are in the UK – especially London, be sure to check out the film selection regarding the heroic and inspiring Dr. Tiller. A man dedicated to what he believed in, only to be murdered by one of the insane anti-choice/”pro”-lifers. Check it out July 6th, London!!! (information follows below as does link, I must give a very, very quick rant first.

It’s simply astonishing how pro”lifers” support an unjust death penalty system here in the states, yet hate doctors whom perform safe and moral medical practices so much that these “pro-lifers” (aka anti-choicers) somehow think killing innocent adult for caring for his patients is somehow, moral!? Umm, what we do medically is no one’s business, anyway. These “people”‘disgust me.

As a woman who in fact does support 3rd term abortions, and does not consider it murder (because…well…it’s not, simply put), I wish so badly I was in the UK to attend… It seems I’m always in the wrong country or city when things like this happen >.< anyhow! So London & all you in the UK who can go; below are the details and the link for tickets & etc. Ohhh I wanna go!!!
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Too Insane to Comprehend; Moronic Writer Seeks Attention by Claiming Women Should be Sterilized…

This is sickening. This, is the type of thing “anti-choicers” should protest, something we should all protest. Apparently, a free London (local) newspaper is making the call for women to be “sterilized”- stating, and I sadly quote:

“certain people should be banned altogether from producing offspring and possibly even neutered for the general good of society.”

Yeah. It should be the people who wrote the article. Sorry, annoyed sarcasm on my part. I have no evidence but am rather sure these are the “anti-choicers” and “pro-capital punishment” groups in America. Just seems like something crazy that would go along with their insane beliefs. Anyhow, back to what’s going on. (He IS for bringing the death penalty back to the UK, as a side note.)
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