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Hope- Feeding the Homeless Like They Aren’t Homeless… Check it Out

they treat me like i am not homeless.png

And this is how the world could be;
And this is how the world SHOULD be…”-Tupac Shakur

Sad something so obvious is amazing and wonderful… In the following tweet I link a video that shows what this CEO is doing to help homeless people eat, work and LEARN via vocational programs. They go out of their way to help give work experience and other aid to the homeless… Additionally,….The food is healthy food, served like you’d be served anywhere…treat the homeless GOOD and build a better world.png

I love that quote… How true…. Additionally, there are no trays, no lines, none of what the regular soup kitchens tend to be like. More people with money should be reaching out like this… Everything does come down to money, and that’s a problem. – Video follows in link ->

Watch the video by clicking the link above to see how the homeless are treated; fed and given a chance at this ‘soup kitchen’; they are treated like anyone else going out to eat…Exactly like the human beings they are. THE CEO HOPES TO EXPAND AND OPEN 5 MORE BY 2018. That is a real, respectable and good soul… Where are the rest?

What is wrong with this world; how can anyone be so cold as to turn down the simple act of giving and receiving respect, dignity, care and concern for fellow souls?

This life shouldn’t be about money. Yes, we need it, sadly. But making it all about the money, all about your ‘status’ or what you have…you are truly lost and need to do some soul searching, I’d say.

For those interested, here is a link to the above for more information and other resources -> click HERE.


How Welfare/Job Centre Treats the Disabled- Video

This blows my mind. First, people who work with the disabled are saints (the ones who are kind and caring -such as this lady appears to be). However, when the government expects people with any disability; mental, emotional or physical, to work I don’t understand why the public is not outraged. The sweet young woman in the below video has a serious disability and upon watching her I would like anyone with a brain to name a job she could handle. Continue reading How Welfare/Job Centre Treats the Disabled- Video

Why Glorify Thatcher NOW; After All The Tragedy She Created?

Why is it that no matter how wrong a person’s deeds were while they were alive; and no matter how many lives they ruined or impacted in a negative way, upon death so many people want to glorify them as saints or good-hearted, good-willed human beings? Immediately after hearing the news regarding Margaret Thatcher’s death, I began seeing posts praising her from people whom otherwise criticized her.

I can’t stand this! If a person isn’t good while alive, why do so many people feel the pressing need to make them into a good person after death? Calling a spade a spade is not being “evil” or disrespecting the dead. Had said person (not just Thatcher but ANYONE) chosen to live a good life and help others, there would be no reason to call them anything other than good. But when a person spent their political career Continue reading Why Glorify Thatcher NOW; After All The Tragedy She Created?