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Career as a Cop is NOT as Dangerous as Too Many Want to Believe…

Odd,  I was thinking last night I wanted to write a post discussing the MISCONCEPTION and LIE that so many people seem to think regarding cops and their safety in America. Cops do NOT have the most dangerous job out there, not really even close, yet they still use this lie to justify their abuse of power. Anyhow I saw this article and thought I’d just repost it…. Please pass it around, spread real information…not lies that help cops lie and justify murders and beatings. (Link to OG post at bottom)

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The recent killings of two prosecutors in Texas, a Colorado Department of Corrections official and a sheriff in West Virginia have law enforcement groups and the media once again buzzing about an alleged “war on cops” or, in some instances, a broader trend toward violent anti-government sentiment. Over at The Atlantic, Philip Bump does a good job debunking that idea. (He also quotes me.)

Unfortunately, thorough and skeptical analyses of police fatality statistics like Bump’s are rare. The “war on cops” talk heats up every time that one or more high-profile police killings hit the news. But there’s just no evidence that it’s true.

I’ve pointed out a number of times that the job of police officer has been getting progressively safer for a generation. Last year was the safest year for cops since the early 1960s. Continue reading Career as a Cop is NOT as Dangerous as Too Many Want to Believe…