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Most Violent Areas are Also the Area’s Lacking Emergency Care and Access…. Critical Read, I Believe.

This is a fact filled article written perfectly already so just gonna copy and paste…it is also one that brings up a highly disturbing fact: the neighborhoods with the most violence are the ones with the least easy access to emergency trauma units… Read below to see exactly how horrible this crisis is…sadly, it also points out the racial discrimination still going on in America.

Oh…One thing I wanna note though, I am very proud to be against taking guns off the street. Taking guns away will not stop violence, it will just be another door for the police and government to frame and lock away young men and women, in my opinion. I will explain that another time. For now; I believe we all have the right to bare arms, especially in the current time. It makes me very sad that these guns are being used on each other; people seem to be forgetting there is a real enemy, and it has nothing to do with color, gangs, etc….. Anyhow, here is the original post with link below.

Chicago’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods have no access to trauma care.
BY Rebecca Burns

The nation finally took notice of Chicago’s epidemic of gun violence after 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was fatally shot January 29. Pendleton was the city’s 42nd victim that month, but her appearance at President Obama’s inauguration just weeks before pushed her death to the center of a national conversation on gun control. Since 2008, more young people have been killed in Chicago than in any other American city—a statistic that has sent city officials in search of solutions to plug loopholes in gun policy and crack down on gang violence.

But Veronica Morris-Moore, 20, a community organizer from Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood, believes politicians are looking for solutions in the wrong places. “If they’re not going to talk about the economic violence that causes gun violence, then I’m not interested in the conversation,” she says.

Left out of the gun-control debate, Morris-Moore says, are the poverty and lack of services that plague neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence—including what she calls a “trauma care desert” for gunshot victims on Chicago’s South Side. Continue reading Most Violent Areas are Also the Area’s Lacking Emergency Care and Access…. Critical Read, I Believe.